Monday, November 03, 2008

Tuning up

People who know me either know me for my music skills, or knitting skills. I rarely come across a person who is in tune with my personality in its entirety. I recently have pondered this phenomenon, and have decided to break out of my "double-life" shell, and show the world that I am not just a fiber artist & I am not just a musician. I am both. I actually have 11 years of formal training with a concert pianist, which ended a little sourly my junior year of high school. It was more of a breaking out into different things, focusing more on my school work, liking to practice voice more, things like that. My teacher and I had different ideas of what a pianist is, and we both-I think-in our own way knew it was time to part with eachother.

Lately, I have been getting the musician's cravings to play some more music. To touch the keys. Show people what the words "dynamics" and "painting the picture" really means. I guess that after teaching piano for so many months, you inevitably desire to play again. Reminisce about the "old days." I do admit to my inadequate ability to sight-read music well for the level that I am at...but I savor my one true ability that is crucial to any great performance: proper dynamics. This is the different between being robotic and colorful. Take liberties when allowed. Use dynamics. Add in your own. That, I do owe a great debt to my teacher.

What really got me thinking though was listening to some of the last pieces that I played before I quit and took my long "vacation." Thiswas the last piece I studied with my teacher. I liked the beginning movement more than the middle...but here is a piece that I enjoyed the middle more. They are both by Chopin. He is a genius. Liszt is also brilliant, and I am trying to revitalize This piece too, since it's so melodic and peaceful. To an extent. Ha ha.

I practiced for over 4 hours yesterday. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. I am trying to prepare 10 Christmas peices for a CD I'm making to hand-out to my loved ones for Christmas. Most are adaptions of our traditional favorites. The album will be called "Still, Still, Still." If you're a Manneheim Steamroller fan, You'll recognize the "Still, Still, Still," "The Holly & the Ivy," and "Emmanuel" from my Cd. Other pieces from Lorna Line and other artists have have really good adaptions of my favorite peices.
It was way too nice outside to not walk around and take some more Fall shots! I'm enjoying the great zoom on my camera, as geese are not too friendly when you get close. I actually am afraid of those beasts. They nearly attacked me once.

And of course some knitting. I just finished the chest shaping... and this WIP is awaiting more yarn so that I can start the arm shaping. Until then, it's enjoying the fresh air. And I'll spin a little more. And read some more of Maggie Stefton's 6th book in her knitting series, "Fleece Navidad." Too funny.

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KnittySue said...

What a wonderful gift to give when you have the talent.