Monday, May 21, 2012

How in the heck does the Yarn Harlot finish her projects soo tootin' fast? Dang. I think I need to sit down and perfect continental, cause gee-wise folks...I guess English style isn't able to pump out a pair of socks in a day, and a shawl in like a few days...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sad day.

Dear readers,
Today was a sad, sad day. One of those crack-out-the-wine-and-chocolate-and-still-feel-crappy days. My external hard drive bit the dust a couple months ago when my son pulled it off of the island...and I thought that was heart-breaking. Today, I found out that the remaining photos of my children, my videos, my documents, compositions and music, etc might be gone because when I turned on my laptop, it made the "click of death" and said "operating system not found." It might have been from a power-surge from the big storm a couple of days ago, because the charger was still plugged in. I can hardly think about it without crying.  If there are no photos of the Honeybee jacket that I've been working on-that was ready to be posted about-for a little bit, it's because I'm without my beloved laptop. I had photos/documents stored on my husband's computer from things "pre-children" (about two years ago), but everything after that might be gone if we can't get it restored. Uh! The catcher is that about a few days ago, my gut was telling me to at least back up my photos because I don't want to have another "episode" like the external! The other catcher!!! husband was going to give me a new external for mother's day!
Losing documents and such is a huge downer, but losing most of the photos of your children's first year- -in-a-half is devastating. This sucks to smithereens... learn from me.