Monday, February 26, 2007

The first try-on

I think it's sucessful, no? Yay! :-)
Crap, it makes me want to keep it!!
I guess i'll have to make another. Violet in cotton?

The Fake-a-Gamo Bag (re-write) Instructions:

Because so many people have been asking for it, & 'cause I love ya'll!
Kudos to Kate ( and the gang, for figuring the whole thing out!

P.S- Click on the picture to enlarge instructions!

Why don't you join the others on the KAL--->

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Forecast for the future

Hey everyone,

I really want to knit this sweater, as soon as my mom's raglan sweater is done. I was thinking about doing it maybe in a light violet color or seagreen...or even emerald (yeah, the color choice is still being debated), and I would probably add another inch or two for a lengthier sweater. Also, I was thinking about getting silky scarf with hints of the color of the sweater, and tie it around the waist, so i can unbutton a few buttons. It will look awesome. I started a KAL on craftster for it already: If anyone wants to join.


Here she be! Just a little update before I hit the hay.

***********Oh, I worked on a better Lana Lang sweater pattern, and now it is easier than before! It is now in the updated info/pic portion of the "Free Pattern for Charity Knit" post.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mom's Birthday "Sculptor's Song" Raglan....OR, "My First Raglan Sweater"

So, ok... my mom's birthday is March 10th. I have a long way till the due date. However, I'm pleased with my speedy progress. I guess watching several Smallville episodes really helps the time fly. As a dummy, I later realize that i've used this pattern before... in my designer bag. Ha ha. I felt so stupid. I was going to use a cooler one, with cabled hearts and twists inbetween, but i've never done cabeling backwards. I didn't know for sure if the twists worked out right if I worked from the last row all the way to the first row. However, someone told me that it would. Unfortunately, I already started this pattern.

I know i'll end up wanting this sweater for my own (it's evil of me thinking that she might shrink it by accidnent and give it back for me). I'm exited, though, to hear of her reaction, when she gets a package in the mail, and opens it up to find a sweater! I just got into sweaters the last 2 months. This one is my third. I hope she loves it enough to wear it around once and a while. I swear, she never wears her alpaca socks or mittens. Nor her scarf ("it's too fuzzy,... it gets in my mouth"). I might confiscate it if she never ever wears it!

What do you think? Does the design look ok like that in the middle? Maybe it will look even better when I keep increasing.

I was thinking about doing longer sleeves, like to the elbows, but i'm not sure anymore. I have this really cool turleneck that has a little sleeves with a small puff... and they look awesome.
My mom might like the longer sleeves though... grrr.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WIP: the manufacturing of purses

So, my wedding is now under two years. That means, I need to make some $$ green $$. I decided to "manufacture" clutches, purses and such to sell as a ... get this... "wedding fundraiser." However, I've got a lot of awesome ideas for really cute stuff. It's gotta be better than taking an extra job and, *yikes,* bagging for a grocery store. I can let my imagination run free. God knows I have a lot of ideas to get out of my head from those late sleepless nights. Does anyone have this same problem-- trying to fall asleep, but you can't because your creativity kicks in around that time?? I signed up for Etsy, just in case I decide to sell online, but I don't think i'll have to do that. My mom works with a lot of women, and they love the bags I come up with. *Cha-ching!*
Here's a WIP:

I'm thinking of doing red silk for the liner. It's still up for grabs. I was going to go for a white and red striped liner, but I'm really into the silkyness, since the top has silky ribbon.
The Bag isn't even sewed up yet, or blocked.

Ok, so as a side note, I'm thinking about doing something like this-

I was thinking about combining the lacey pattern from the "butterfly" from Rowan, and adding fingers. I was watching "Superman Returns," and the lady that is with Lex Luther in the beginning wears these light black lacey finerless gloves. I would add those fingerless elements and make the cuff flare out a little more than the picture.

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

FO: Vintage Plum

Although I finished this bad-girl a week or two ago, I felt like I should finally post it here. I just found a free pattern for a top-down raglan sweater, so... I'll be testing that out soon! Yay! No sewing. :-) My mom's b-day is coming up, So I think I better get a move on with that!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sleeves-- missing in action!

Well, here's the progress report. Everyone is counting on the sleeves to work out now. It's either a make it or break it kind of thing. Doing this in the round was great! I hate sewing, so only sewing the shoulders and sleeves is the only way to go! I would definately do this sweater again. I would add more stitches so that the ribbing on the bottom doesn't have to expand so much. I mean, it fits and all, but I like the closer ribbing look. I would also make the shoulders have more material-- meaning more length from neck to shoulder. However, this sweater was soo easy to make. The hardest part was picking up stitches for the collar. As you can see, there is a weird little glitch almost in the middle before the collar ribbing. I was thinking. If the decreasing looked a little more controled around the arm, it would make a great tanktop sweater. That would be a reall easy knit!