Saturday, August 29, 2015

Well, hello.

Yup, still alive and kicking. The summertime is usually a lull for my knitting, I don't know why. I do have air-conditioning, but I think it's mentally/physically my time to take a break and focus on my other crafts for the time being, until I get so close to fall that I start to panic and furiously click away to make-up for lost time. How about you?
 We attended the annual "Mal reunion" last week in Michigan and I made a nice dent in the Abrianna cardigan. Last time you saw this, I was only about a couple inches higher than the ribbing. I have about 2 or so inches left before the back is complete.
I have purchased yarn for a fall cardigan, but I haven't taken any pictures yet. I might save it for a podcast. The skeins are really neat. I can't wait to share my idea with you.
Other than that, I've been focusing on my new 5'10'' Perzina grand piano that I purchased in July. I am excited to be able to work on new compositions and record on such a wonderful beast. :)
Here's me making my first cover on it: Cold by Aqualung (Twilight fans will know this). You can watch the dampers moving as I play. :) It's best to listen to it with headphones. My late-night at-home recordings may not be perfect, but I feel like I am finally starting to doing something that I have been wanting to do, musically, for years. Even as a mom. Many exciting things to come...

I still have to do an interview and play something snazzy for a Perzina Piano promotional video for the store where I purchased the piano.

Other than that, we enjoyed visiting with all sorts of family, going to Legoland, Navy Pier, Michigan, and trying out T-ball. Oh, P.S, after 14 months, I finally treated myself to a new "do."

Happy weekend. If you are still reading this, please enjoy a freebie from me: Sand Dune Slouch for something to knit this fall. Please pay it forward with a good deed. The freebie ends at the stroke of midnight Sunday. :)

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