Sunday, July 19, 2009

Razzle Dazzle

BSJ 2 and ring

Notice anything new? *Squee!* I got my wedding band this week! My engagement ring is white gold, so I searched high and low (ok, well maybe just several stores) for the most complimentary ring. I'm a pretty plain person, so I wasn't all for the "just diamond" band look, as most wedding bands are nowadays, yet I didn't want a solid I finally found a compromise ring between the two, and I couldn't really be happier. I might switch out the band of the engagement ring one day to lay flatter, but right now...I just wish I could "test-drive" it longer without getting teased by the FH.

Here's a snippet of my second BSJ for a coworker's grandson-to-be. I'm planning on working on it in the car while travelling to our vacation destination this coming weekend (yeah, I'm not really wanting to bring baby-knits to my FH's week-long family reunion. Non-knitters sometimes don't get the whole knitting for OTHER people's babies. I'm not wanting their confusion.) Speaking of which, my brain is actually kind of fuzzy on where I put the dang thing. Hopefully I didn't loose it. Stress is frying my brain, I guess.

I also started my so-called "Durable Market Bag" knit with cotton. I'm still on the base of the bag, but I plan on doing lace as the main body, complete with durable straps.

Mint Ribbed Socks

My maternal grandfather was admitted into the ER this weekend, so when I visited him today, I casted on for my mint "2x2 ribbed socks" on size 1's that I plan on knitting during the family reunion (non-knitters are more accepting about sockware rather than babyware, so I've heard). I'll cast on for the second sock soon, because I'd like to nip the whole SSS* in the butt.

*Second Sock Syndrome: a silent, but deadly disease caused after knitting the first sock of the pair. Symptoms: fatigue, groaning, laziness, the throwing of dpns and the extreme dislike of the idea of having to knit up the whole thing again. Other side effects are reaching for other yarns, possibly fondling them while wishing or day-dreaming of the next pair. This disease is treatable by knitting the pair at the same time. Effects are slow, but highly curable.