Sunday, December 16, 2007

Archive: Books I've Finished Over the Years

The goal is to read as many "for pleasure" books as I can in one year. Here's what I've read:
*=denotes audiobook

Books read in 2015:


Books read in 2014:

7 books (or more?) read in 2014

Books read in 2013:

8 books (or more?) read in 2013

Books read in 2012

22 total books read in 2012

The Christmas Carol (Dickens)
Gingerbread Cookie Murder (Fluke)
The Peach Keeper (Allen)
Roast Mortem (Coyle)
What to expect the 1st year
Unraveled (Sefton)
Heaven is for Real
Spun by Sorcery
Buttercream Bumpoff
Ghost and the Dead Man's Library (Kimberly)
The Ghost and the Dead Deb (Kimberly)
Digital Fortress (Brown)
The Ghost and Mrs. Mcclure (Kimberly)
The Bad Beginning (Snicket)
The Giver (Lowry)
French Pressed (Coyle)
Holiday Grind (Coyle)
Colic Solved (Vartabedian)
Calming Your Fussy Baby (Brazelton)

19 books read in 2011

Decaffeinated Corpse (Coyle)
Candy Apple Dead (Carter)
Over Hexed (Thompson)
Sprinkled with Murder (McKinlay)
Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy
The Secret Garden (Burnett)
You having a baby (Dr. Oz)
Skein of the Crime (Sefton)
Murder Most Frothy (Coyle)
Still Life with Murder (Ryan)
Ice Land (Tobin)
The Girl Who Chased the Moon (Allen)
Are You there, Vodka? (Handler)
The Hunt for Atlantis (McDermott)
The Four Gospels
The Forgotten Garden (Morton)
Dead to the World (Harris)
The Lightning Thief (Riordan)
Shakespeare's Landlord (Harris)
Club Dead (Harris)

20 books read in 2010

Casting Spells (Bretton)
Breaking Dawn (Meyer)
Dewey the Library Cat (Myron)
Bitten (Armstrong)
Wesley the Owl (O'Brien)
Eclipse (Meyer)
New Moon (Meyer)
Through the Grinder (Coyle)
Latte Trouble (Coyle)
Things I Learned From Knitting (Pearl-Mcphee)
Alex & Me (Pepperberg)
Julie & Julia (Powell)*
Yarn Harlot Casts Off (Pearl-McPhee)
Garlic & Sapphires (Reichl)*
Waiter Rant (Dublanca)*
Girl with a Pearl Earring (Chevalier)
Drop Dead Stitch (Sefton)
Free Range Knitter (Pearl-McPhee)
At Knit's End (Pearl-McPhee)
The Langoliers (King)
I Like You (Sedaris)*
Laced With Magic (Bretton)
New Moon (Meyers)
Dead Until Dark (Harris)
Dead in Dallas (Harris)

 25 books read in 2009

Twilight (S. Meyer)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (J.K Rowling)*
The Charmed Sphere (C.Asaro)
Fleece Navidad (M.Stefton)
Dyer Consequences (M. Stefton)
The Ice Queen (A. Hoffman)
Some Like it Hot-Buttered (Cohen)
Black Ice (A. Stuart)
The Sugar Queen (S. Allen)
The Other Boleyn Girl (P.Gregory)
On What Grounds (C. Coyle)
At Bertram's Hotel (A. Christie)
Garden Spells (S. Allen)
The Nanny Diares (E. Mclaughlin)
Water for Elephants (S. Gruen)
The Secret Life of Bees (S. Kidd)
The Arrangement (S. Forster)
For One More Day (M. Albom)
5 People You Meet in Heaven (M. Albom)
Murder on the Orient Express (A. Christie)
The Choice (N. Sparks)
Forever in Blue (A. Brashares)*
The Notebook (N. Sparks)
At First Sight (N. Sparks)*
A Bend in the Road (N. Sparks)
Bucket of Ashes (P.B Ryan)

26 books read in 2008

Cam's Quest (Regan)
Odd Thomas (Koontz)
Enchanted (Card)
A Deadly Yarn (Stefton)
Chainfire (Goodkind)
Deception Point (Brown)
A Killer Stitch (Stefton)
Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix (Rowling)
Tuesdays With Morrie (Albom)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Rowling)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Rowling)
C'est La Vie (Gershman)
Murder on Black Friday (Ryan)
Knitlit (too) (Wolf)
Without Sin
Murder in a Mill Town (Ryan)
Died in the wool (Marsh)
The Morning After
Murder in the North End
The Last Summer (of you & me)(Brashares)
Knit Fast, Die Young (Kruger)
The Cairo Diary
The Rescue
Death on Beacon Hill
Still Life with Murder (Ryan)

26 books read in 2007


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they sound wonderful!

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