Sunday, February 28, 2016

FO: Your Basic Hat (and FREE pattern)

Hey there
I'm making a point to "whip up knits" (well, not exactly, but doing the best that I can) and publish more knits. I'm sure you've already noticed that though...considering most posts these days are FO's with a pattern. Here's another one, but this time it's FREE. Yup, that's right.
  download now

It's the perfect unisex hat. It can be slouchy for a woman, and also folded to be more masculine. This pattern is also the perfect blank canvas for textured stitch patterns or colorwork, so may find yourself using this pattern time after time.

Click here for more pattern details. 

I'm curious, who wore it better? I've already hinted to my huband that it looks great as a slouch on me, and maybe I should keep it?  ;) 

Friday, February 26, 2016

FO: The ugliest pair of socks on the block (and I did it on purpose)

Well, I finally finished my Office Socks in the ugliest colorway known to man (in my opinion). I'll spare you the imagry that this is giving off for me. The colorway was so hideous, infact that I hibernated this project until I got my butt in gear when I realized that I really need more knit socks this winter.

I would never normally knit this pattern in a variegated yarn, but I really wanted to knit one pair to demonstrate what happens to a perfectly good stitch pattern when you don't use a solid or semi-solid yarn (well, I also made this sock to test out the pattern that I re-released). I willingly chose the worst case senerio. However, I had no idea how awful the brown was going to pool and now badly the colors would clash. Great idea, huh? I wanted to hurl this at the wall and put myself in a time-out for doing this to myself on purpose. But, it's done, I'm going to sigh with relief and wear it nonetheless because it's warm and it fits and I hope that this was very educational for someone.

Pattern: Office Socks by Anna Maliszewski
Needles: Size US 2
Yarn: Some gifted sock yarn without a label in fingering weight
Mods: Only knitting the Triangle Pattern for the leg, and an "afterthought heel" star-shaped. 

 I modified the star-shaped heel from my Star-Edged Socks pattern because this yarn was very thin.  It seems like an odd sort of heel look, but the fit is great.

These were knit two-at-a-time using the magic loop method. I don't think I'll ever knit socks any other way again knowing how I orphan socks if done one-at-a-time. It's a proven fact. It's very sad.

I hope your Friday is going well! Congrats again to the winners of the two give-away kits!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

And the winners are...

Yay! We have winners! Thanks to all those who participated. I loved hearing how you all celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Watch the announcment video
Pattern Kit Give-away Winners: 

First winner: Chris Hardin
Second Winner: Marion Rose

8 Free Pattern Winners: 
Lena King
Sonia Dean
Lenore Clark
Robin Blakley
Marit Thostenson
Carol Toenyes
Jane Dewitt
Bonnie Pinkerton

Please contact me at Knittingupastorm AT gmail DOT com with your name/address for the kit winners (as well as your Ravelry ID if you have one), and RavID or email address for any pattern winners. You have until 2/29 to claim your prizes, or the prize will be given to another name drawn.

I am offering Mr. Cratchit's Convertible Mitts for 50% off   for everyone until 3/17. Use coupon code: Bahhumbug at the checkout.

Thanks for participating!

Friday, February 19, 2016

500th Blog Post: "Mr. Cratchit's Convertible Mitts" Pattern Kit Give-aways!

I am so excited to announce on my 500th blog post the re-release of one of my favorite designs! It's been renamed "Mr. Cratchit's Convertible Mitts." It's warm, snuggly and so functional! I have re-written the entire pattern to include more tips, charts and have written it in a way that is more useable for dpn-users or those who prefer the Magic Loop Method.

This pattern is a play on the charatcter Bob Cratchit from the Christmas Carol, who I believe would have worn fingerless mitts such as these in the dead of winter.
Pattern allows for those using dpns or working the Magic Loop (1-at-a-time or 2-at-a-time) users.
Winter calls for warm & snuggly knits. You can be bundled from your head to your toes, but it’s not always practical to cover your frosty finger- tips. Bah hum-bug! That’s why these convertible fingerless mitts are the perfect knit for the chilly seasons, for the times when you absolutely need to expose your fingers-tips, and for the times when you can just leave your fingers bundled under the warm woolen mitten flaps.

Difficulty Level: the early advanced knitter

Skills Needed: working in the rd, picking up sts, grafting sts, making an I-cord

Click here to read more pattern and materials information.

To celebrate my 500th post here on my blog, I am generously giving away not one, but TWO kits to this project! In light of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday coming up March 17th, the skeins will be tones of green and white.

Kit includes: 
1 card (with coupon code) for a free download of the pattern
 1 skein of KUAS merino wool blend fingering-weight yarn in a St. Patty's Day inspired color
2 complimentary buttons (and some thread)
 8 pieces of scrap yarn
 3 KUAS stitch markers

First winner will receive:

Second winner will receive:

Winners are selected at random on 2/25/16 between 7pm-8pm CT.  
Winners will be announced on this blog. 
Contest ends at 7pm 2/25. 
If you have won, email me (knittingupastorm AT gmail DOT com) with your name and address. 
Winners must claim their prizes by 2/29/16, or the following runner-up(s) will be given the unclaimed prize.

How to win:
You must comment on THIS BLOG POST in the comment section to gain an entry into the give-away. Tell me your favorite way to celebrate St. Patricks' Day (tell me any unique things about how you celebrate--recipes, where you go, etc.) Make sure your comment is not anonymous.

If you would like one extra entry into the random drawing, go onto my KUAS Facebook Group Page and LIKE and SHARE the "500th Blog Post Give-Away" post I made there. I will go through those names and add them to the entry list before drawing the two winners.

P.S- blogger and google merged. You may need to create a google account if you do not have one already to comment. Sorry! I'm not in control of that.

May the odds be ever in your favor, and THANK YOU for reading my blog and keeping up with my knitting adventures!