Monday, April 06, 2015

Feeling Jipped.

I went onto to this morning to look for some more #6 interchangeable needles, and stumbled upon this "new" pattern published this Spring:
 If you've been following this blog, or even noticed my author photo, I designed and nearly published my "Punk Rock Tunic" in 2009 on Ravelry. In fact, that pattern page is still up and waiting for the pdf upload on Ravelry. Over the years, I've gotten dozens of requests to finally publish that dang pattern. Honestly, what stopped me from me doing so was getting pregnant with twins immediately after finishing the original, gaining 50 pounds, having infants with a lot of medical issues the first year, raising toddlers and never quiet being happy with my shape all the meanwhile. I intended to slim down before reworking it in a lighter yarn. I felt my own proportions were all lopsided, and the pattern photo would be underwhelming (to at least myself).

 I understand that this "River Walk" pattern is worked in a lighter yarn, and has ribbing instead, but I can't help feeling jipped. I feel frustrated that when I do publish this pattern, it will seem like I ripped off this other designer. And that feels horrible.

Sorry for the vent, but this was one pattern that I was pretty proud of (and still am). Thanks for listening, and for your support.