Saturday, February 23, 2008

My own little Africa

So, ok, I ordered some yarn last week. That doesn't make me a bad person. Heck, everyone deserves a treat once in a while. I just passed over hurdle #1 of my first week of "hell." I finished one heck of an awesome 14 page short story, a prehistory paper on Australopithecus afarensis, a small quiz in Earth Systems, a major quiz in Linguistics, and an exam in Earth Systems. Just in one week mind you, not to mention assigned readings and other such things to do to make you pull your hair out. But, what I didn't anticipate was Joe introducing me to another sweet evil of his last weekend, the show "Lost," that has loaded almost 4 full seasons...all for the taking. So, I watched a couple. And a few more. And a few more...just clicking away on my "Ripple Reading Afghan." WELL, I studied, wrote, studied wrote. Than I watched, watched, watched, and watched (while still knitting with bleeding eyes [ok, strike the bleeding eyes]). And I watched, watched, watched all week all until today, when I'm about several episodes into season 2. That's what, 29 or 30 episodes times 45 minutes. You don't think I need to seek a little E.A (episodes anonymous) meetings, do you? If my eyes aren't bleeding, than my fingers are probably going to. I'm up to, what, 576 stitches p.rd. on my afghan.

But this is my little Africa. My break. My new obsession(s).
I'll rondez-vous again with you all when I get back from the Safari in a few days. I've got 2 more exams to kill still.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A little twist of decor

So I've been spinning a little bit the past couple of nights because I've gotten back into the mood. The other night had been dedicated to my teal & silver blend, while this night has been focused on my new design idea bubbling in my head (instead of studying...). It's funny how creativity is switched on when things need to get done, academically speaking.
However, here is a snipit of the first color. I won't need a lot, so I'll probably be only spinning a little more of this color, with equal proportion to the silver. Teal will be the main color, and I'll need a lot more than this when the time comes. I thought at first that maybe I should order the yarn for this project, but I immediately dropped the notion when I realized that this project deserves rough yarn...and these rovings are just the fibers for the job. Plus, I have the perfect colors, and who knows if I'll find that deep teal & soft seagreen shade. If you don't know it already, seagreen is my ultime favorite color, with teal gaining up on the lead. My eyes are attracted like flies to garbage to these colors, whenever I pass by them. No joke.
I won't tell you right now what it will be, but I'll tell you that the three colors are here, above, and will be felted into something of sweet decor for my future wooden coffee table. By jove, I better get a wooden coffee table, because I have so many decoration ideas for it.
I'll keep you updated when I spin some more.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Do you now?

I'm so in love with these socks. They're just so long and festive! I can finally get my game on, come next qudditch match (ei- next movie)
Pattern: just stockinette
Method: top-down
Yarn Used: Knitting up a Storm Yarns, Colorway: Gryffindor
Needles used: size 2 dpns
Co: 64 stitches
Ribbing: 1x1 (lurve it!) for 1.5''
Leg length: total of 8''
Shoe size: 8

Cah! I even casted on for Sytherin already.
It's ready for me whenever I'm bored (if that's possible, lately).
I guess the game is on! It's always G-vs-S in the movies.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gettin' back on the horse.

(Sorry Morrie, I'm not a gymnist. -Zoolander)

Hey All.
I wanna thank everyone who wished me well & gave me their awesome tips on how to feel better. :) You gals= greatness.
It's been a rough journey, I'll tell you that...with just about everything that a flu can give you, besides yaking (yeah, surprized me too). Monday, I even almost blackedout in the shower. Yowzers. But I'm finally at the point where I can walk around fine, without worrying...but my voice is still shattered (and my throat still hurts from hard coughs). I have skipped all classes so far this week, except for trying to make my Tuesday night class (mistake!), which my eyes and brain were going haywire. They were spazz-ing & shifty. Weird. So, when I'm finally well enough to go to classes today, I learned that they are cancelled, due to extreme wintery weather. Sweet? maybe. That means I only will have a Thurs. class (because I don't have Fri classes this semester). I'd like to say it was a vacation, but it wasn't! I played catchup on reading at home all day yesterday. Yuck.

I watched HP 1 last night, and got a good chunk of knitting done. Picture update real soon.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's almost like dying, or something.

Uh.................. *Crash*

I find it amazing that one could feel completely fine one day, and than completely miserable and approaching the "deathbed" the next. And to think it only started with a couple coughs. I assumed it was from finally vacuuming my room. I was so wrong.

You may wonder why the heck I'm actually on the computer writing these rants to you all, in this condition, but honestly...I can't stand lying down for any more minutes. It stinks.
My head hurts. My body aches. My cough rips open my trechea, esophagus...chest...whatever technical. Next is the constant party in your throat that doesn't stick around long enough for you to get to the sink, to bring them a drink. What jerks. My eyes are plastered to a half-open look, and cannot be solved with a few decent minutes of sleep.

I'll say it. I made some bad choices this weekend...sleeping in on Friday (no class), partying at two bars; taking a "nice" and "lazy" saturday, while I catch up on stuff I need to do, knitwise: taking pictures of the finished product of my sockclub sock, fixing & pdf-ing the pattern, etc.

Now, I'm left with bad luck, and piles of reading assignments
(while being perfectly on schedule reading all last week)...with no braincells & energy to do it. C'est la vie, I guess. C'est la vie.

Quidditch Socks

So, the knitalong is on! I'm beginning to start trudging again through my second sock while watching HP and the Chamber of Secrets. I just turned the heel. It's way too late for more words, but if you want to participate, the info & place for you to post your WIPs & FOs will be under my title all month long. Have fun! :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Getting hit on in a bar...while your Fionce is next to you

It was this crazy boy's birthday Saturday, so we hopped over to DC's and Jake's to celebrate.
However, that night prooved to be something of a surprize.
So, the fun began at DC's, where we ordered 3 dollar (gallon-sized) mugs of beer and 4 dollar fish bowls. Lo and behold (the funniest part being me not being into sports), Drew Tate, our (past) infamous quarterback for our university insists on buying me a drink. Really? Wow! How can I resist an offer like that?? Feeling quite flattered, I went back to our group with a fishbowl in tote and began the long passing minutes of nursing my drink and watching guys in tight outfits throwing eachother on the floor and making quite....curious.....moves there(a.k.a college wrestling). Toward the end of the night, a guy from our group (no one really knew who he was) walked up to me, started socializing in that friendly-guy-in-a-bar-that-really-wants-your-number sort of front of Joe. Now, Joe was a great sport about Drew Tate, but this time, Joe had to set his foot down...or maybe just his hand on my thigh, that finally drove that guy away. Sorry, I'm already taken.
It took me an hour of nursing this bowl to get this far.
We played drunken card games. To my surprize, I did pretty well. However, I was yet again feeling quite awkward when another guy from the group (I've never seen him before) began to "whisper" loudly to my neighbor of whether or not I was single. "I" said no, revealing that he wasn't even close to being remotely subtle about it..and he asked her "well, then married?" What the frick. Does it matter... Hello?
If I were single, it would have been a very sucessful night.
Aye karumba.