Tuesday, March 14, 2017

KUAS Podcasts: Episode 9- the one with all the wips

I just uploaded a podcast today!
There's lots of FOs and Wips. At 28:45, you can see my review of Noro's newest book (and the giveaway prize for our Hat KAL). 

P.S- because this book review is so late, I extended the "Quick Ombre Hat" KAL until April 8th!

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

FO: Quickie Ombre Hat

Good morning, readers.
This was one of those weekends where staying home and resting up was essential.

I started a hat KAL this March for the Quick Ombre Hat pattern as part of my Noro Knit Accessories Book 2 giveaway, and felt it was the perfect time to start that project. I ended up knitting all afternoon (and evening) on it and actually completed the hat in a day. Boy did that feel great!
 Pattern: Quickie Ombre Hat by Emily Dormier (free pattern)
Yarn: Paton's Classic Worsted Weight Wool in white and teal, about 1/3 of skein each 
(pattern calls for 100 yds each)
Needles: US 7 (16'' circular), US 8 (16'' circular) and size US 8 dpns
Started: 3/11/17    Completed: 3/11/17
Mods: see the end of this post
I knit this hat while catching up on some podcasts (and while discovering new ones). It was the perfect distraction from life.

I knit using the stranded method of holding the main color in my right hand (thrower's style), and holding the contrasting color in my left (continental style). When my hand cramped, I then separated the strands so that my contrasting color was always at my right, and I would switch off "throwing" the yarn, which is a little less efficient (but not too much slower since I don't don't really knit continental style anyways).
I'd say it was a success. The middle section was a little tighter than I'd like, but no harm to foul.
I did have a "whoopsie" moment with the color-work on the whiter half of the hat. Can you see it? I accidentally knit two blue stitches in a row, thus throwing off the pattern and lining up the blue stitches in the form of a column instead of staggered. Once I realized it, I cursed a bit, then moved on (having the "screw it" mentality). No one will notice.
I used my extra large Clover pom pom maker (which is always a treat). I wrapped 75 times per side, which made it full (but not overly dense). I think next time, I will go to 85 wraps.
This is a very easy and fun pattern, which I highly recommend to beginners and even well seasoned knitters. The pattern does run "small" on adults, so I casted on more stitches and lengthened it quite a bit. I also changed the ribbing pattern.

Here's my mods:
1.) CO 98sts using size US 7 circular needles (16'', or a long magic loop). Knit a 1x1 twisted rib for 2'' (*k1tbl,p1*). Change to size US 8 needles (16'' or a long magic loop needle).
2.) k2tog, k48, k2tog, knit to end. Knit the next rd straight.
3.) Work entire charted pattern as written.
4.) Knit 2 rds straight before decrease instructions. 
5.) Mod to the 1st decrease rd: *k5, k3tog, k5, k2tog* across the rd. Continue the pattern with NO more decrease mods. Use size US 8 DPNs when the stitches get too tight for 16'' needle.
6.) Make a multi-colored pom-pom.