Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Shawl

Meet Victoria.


Victoria has spiritedly joined the KUAS team by displaying FO's. And as a self-model and self-photographer a good portion of the time, it's a good deal. Ain't she purty? I got her at one of my favorite stores; one that has items always on discount and is unpredictable and sells unique things. She was a winner. And boy did I feel weird walking out of the mall with her. ha ha.


Hey, hey hey...I finished a project yesterday. It wasn't on the progress list, so you didn't see that coming. Bada-bing-bada boom! I blocked it on one of my Christmas presents from the hubby, blocking boards. It did need to be blocked, but I have to admit that after knitting the edging and looking at the edging post-blocked...I kind of liked how it looked pre-blocked. It almost looks like I just did garter stitch and stretched it out to have waves, but I did indeed to the work of increases and decreases. Oh well. Experience.


The first finished project that Victoria is displaying is from one of my hibernating projects, my Winter Princess Shawl. Because the body is made out of mohair, it's very warm and perfect as a shawl-scarf for the winter time.


This is a good stashbusting project. I used one skein of KidMo yarn, and did the rest of the border in Malabrigo Lace yarn, in a colorway that is just gorgeous. I just love that lavender, it's soo soothing.


Project: Winter Princess Shawl (KUAS orignial)
Yarn: 1 skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts' KidMo & 1/5 skein of Malabrigo Lace
Needles: size US9 circs
Project started: May 18th 2009 Project Finished: January 16th, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting on track

rippled reading afghan

Well folks, I'm happy to say that I'm still on track with my "get 'er finished" frame of mind. I have around 28 projects on my poor needles, and I am picking through a few of them (my "Frozen River" hat, my "Rippled Reading Afghan," a striped shawl and a mohair shawl-still nameless, to say). Despite the enormity of the afghan project, I do have fond memories of knitting almost all of it while getting hooked on the show Lost (while it was STILL good), and I'm in love with the rippling texture and changing colorway. The yarn used isn't anything too special, it's really just 100% wool, but it reminds me of handspun yarn, and the colorway will give a great effect with no effort on my part just by knitting it up in different stitch amount intervals.

I also plan on doing more stashbusting in the near future. My spare room is much too crowded with yarn (not all woolies, don't feel like you need to drool). I should get props this week for not buying any more yarn. My husband bought me a giftcard to a knitting shop, and I not only resisted the urge to go off and spend it guiltlessly...but to throw fuel into the fire, he offered this last weekend to go with me. And boys and girls, I said no. N-O. I've told myself that I need to eat up my stash a bit, and by golly that's what I am doing.

rippled reading aghan

Remember this post? Yeah, it was from the beginning of '08. I've now made it my goal to get this baby done as soon as I can. I've been knitting at least 4 rounds a day. Sometimes 5-6 rounds if I'm watching something good (like Tin Man). Doesn't sound like a lot though, right? Actually, it takes a while for me to knit each round because this bad-boy grew to nearly 600 stitches. That's like doing 10 sock rounds to 1 afghan round, and let's face it, the needle isn't getting any lighter or able to hold any more increases.


Anywho, I've done another revamp of my blog's template; I hope you all enjoy it. I like the simplicity of it. On the left is from my beautiful spinning wheel, and the lavender object is a LT sweater that isn't too far in the "game." I've also included in my sidebar some "progress bars" to show you what I'm working on, and how far along they are even inbetween blog postings.

I've been experimenting with Matzo Balls for some time now. For some reason, I really enjoy the taste and texture of them and I have been working on improving the simple recipe because the texture/density of the balls will vary depending on how you prepare it and how it is cooked. I think I have finally gotten the recipe down, although it might look a little "rustic." I care less about the appearance and care more about how dense the middle is. This particular batch was very light in the middle, and almost tasted buttery.

matzo balls

I put a little blurb on the top of my blog already announcing this, but I want to congratulate Rebecca on winning the New Years contest. A big thanks goes out to all who participated. Check in with me soon for some more posts about old projects that are getting some more attention. Check out that blog KAL I started on dehibranating projects and the growing Ravelry group that goes with it.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Uncovering some dirty secrets


2010 is all about changes. It's the birth of another year, and I, like many are trying to set a new pace for my own good. This is going to be somewhat of an embarrassing post, but it's for the good of all knit-kind, and for the good of my own sanity. This post is about "dehibernating" those many, many projects. In the process, I got rid of the hold, oo-ed and ahh-ed at the forgotten, and reminisced at the old days (college).

Ok, I'm going to tell you my dirty little secret. After frogging TEN projects, I still have TWENTY-FIVE TWENTY-EIGHT projects in the works!! Please excuse the boring background.
wips numbererd
Projects, with the year it was started:

1. a Bears pillow ('09--this was supposed to be for my grandfather while he was stuck in the hospital)
2. a market bag ('09)
3. a pair of ribbed socks ('09)
4. a single Hawkeye ribbed socks ('09)
5. a "Carnival" sock ('09)
6. my long forgotten "Rippled Reading Afghan" ('o7!)
7. another "Rippled Reading Afghan" with only 2 colors ('07)
8. a raglan (my "Lana Lang" raglan that I though about soph. year of college) ('08)
9. a baby cardi ("Sweet as Candy") ('07!)
10. a baby cardi ('09)
11. a purled tunic ('8)
12. a lavender LT sweater ('08)
13. a cropped sweater ('09)
14. my "Kahlan" raglan tee ('07!)
15. a hat for Joe ('08)
16. a hat for me ('09)
17. my "Frozen River" hat ('09--but currently being worked on)
18. another "Unique Basketweave" Washcloth ('09)
19. a multi-colored scarf ('07)
20. a ribbed scarf with circle-icord edging ('05!!!?)
21. a shawl ('09--most recently started shawl)
22. a shawl ('08--yarn from Stitches Midwest)
23. a "cabin Shawl" ('06 or '07 maybe--my first shawl)
24. a lacy heart shawl ('08--this makes me really sad now, because of my grandfather who passed away...I started this in the hospital waiting room when his troubles first started. I also knit some of this when Joe and I went to the Dells)
25. the "Aestlight Shawl" ('09--memories of my honeymoon)

Not shown:
26. Mohair shawl
27. Joe's Cubs blanket
28. Pink LT rib socks

Obviously, you see my dilemma. Startitis has bitten me over the years, and it's no wonder why there aren't more projects posted when I was indeed putting hours into these dozens of projects.

So, in hopes to continue working on these projects, I have started a KAL for everyone wanting to dig our projects out of our closets, baskets, beds, couches, or wherever they are stashed and forgotten get them finished up!

This KAL isn't just for knitters, so tell your knitter, crocheter, sewer, or any crafter friend who has neglected their projects just like me!! Spred the word and use this KAL button for your blog (can be found on my sidebar) to link yourself to the KAL. HINT: on blogger, go to "customize," then click on "add a gadget," click on "picture," save and upload the button from my sidebar and add ( to the "link" box, and push "Save."

Write your email address in the comment box below to join, or email me at knittingupastormATgmailDOTcom so I can add you as one of the publishers on the KAL blog.

dehibernation kal

New Years

I hope you had a fun and safe New Years Eve & day. Mine was definitely loud and eventful.