Sunday, November 30, 2008


Alas. The end of November. It's time to bundle up. Enjoy the flurries with a cup of hot cocoa or tea and sit back with a great novel. Or, maybe it's time to knit while maybe even doing all the above. One thing is for sure, you're neck is ready for some fuzzy action. A teaser of my NY Neck-wrap from the "Sex in the City" knit club. It's a multi-textured wrap with lovely I-cords to give a new "twist" to the whole scarf thing. The movie screams pink, so I did the "default" color to the club, but I gave all of my members the choice of their favorite bold color to be more personalized.

Oh, and of course (a very late, but promised) picture with my shorter hair.

The geese have been parading along our backyards for quite a while now. They've been plumping up for their Great Flight while also taking the time to enjoy life for a bit. You know, "smell the roses," or ice skate.
That's our pond they are standing on. Apparently, Jesus made a visit not too long ago. Not that I like the poop and all, but I think geese are fascinating creatures. It's always interesting to look at each flock. See which one is the papa. You'll notice that there will always be one standing guard while the others eat or sleep. And, it's always a funny thing when the geese land on the ice, not realizing that the water has frozen. Whoops! *thunk!*
Happy Advent! Look for a post tomorrow with a holiday pattern & a cry for your help!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hey everyone! I'm just in here to wish you all a wonderful & relaxing Thanksgiving day!

"May your bounty be plenty,
...your friends many,
and may your cups never empty!"

Safe rides to all who travel and easy cooking to those who are hosting!

May we never forget how much we have, and never take for granted our family & friends.

I'm gonna go make this real quick to bring to Joe's & my family's Thanksgivings today. See ya!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back from the dead


I'm finally in the land of the living. Mere hours after I got back from Iowa, I spend the rest of the night with a bad 'bout of the stomach flu. I had to skip 3 days of work, while still spending the rest of the week healing & getting rid of the pesky stomach ache.

However, I'm back and ready to get my life back in order. I've finished my November knitting club, "Sex in the City," and already have the project planned for the final installement of my "watching the movies" knitting club, "a Christmas Carol." The project really inspired my movie choice (which was recommended, anyways), and I reckon that any person-religiously diverse or no-would enjoy the pattern and yarn colorway just the same.

It's time to work on those Christmas WIPs now! Here's my list:
Grandpa: Bear's pillow
Uncles: Scarves
Mom: earthy colored clogs
MIL: clogs?
Joe: ribbed Hawkeye socks

I have this slouchy two-color hat idea brewing in my head, but I can't knit it up, because I really need to get cracking on these projects first! Whaa!

I checked my 2008 reading list and I have only 23 books finished. I read 27 books last year. I need to finish at least 4 books, or I let myself down (my goal is to equal or at least beat the previous year by one book). I'm on books 24 & 25 right now. I really didn't feel like I was slugging around though.

Sorry about the lack of pictures. I've gotta make sure my recipients don't look at my blog until after the holidays, first!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Legend of the Seeker

OMG. I heard rumors about my old favorite fantasy series being made into a movie or TV series...and I finally found out that it already has three episodes out!

This television series is based (hopefully a little loosely) off of Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series. There are many books, and much violence-which I didn't care for-so I was glad to see that the 2-hour premier of the first two episodes captured the main events while watering down the evil. The books are really good, if you like epic books with romance. I'm guessing that the first season will cover Goodkind's first book, "Wizard's First Rule," and if it's a hit, the next seasons will cover the following books? I still have to research it. Joe and I bought the premier off of itunes the other night because the videos aren't posted free yet, and I'm thinking of buying the next episode because it aired yesterday.

Interested in seeing the trailer?

So far, it seems that they are following pretty close to the book's main plot & casted pretty good characters for the roles. I would have liked to see Kahlan with longer hair & Richard as a taller & more "rustic" character. Oh well. The actors do grow on you though.

Friday, November 07, 2008

playing the "College Chick" for the weekend

I just drove out to Iowa City to visit my guy. Meet you knitties back later! I'm gonna go have some fun this weekend. Wonder if there are some parties going on... :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Tuning up

People who know me either know me for my music skills, or knitting skills. I rarely come across a person who is in tune with my personality in its entirety. I recently have pondered this phenomenon, and have decided to break out of my "double-life" shell, and show the world that I am not just a fiber artist & I am not just a musician. I am both. I actually have 11 years of formal training with a concert pianist, which ended a little sourly my junior year of high school. It was more of a breaking out into different things, focusing more on my school work, liking to practice voice more, things like that. My teacher and I had different ideas of what a pianist is, and we both-I think-in our own way knew it was time to part with eachother.

Lately, I have been getting the musician's cravings to play some more music. To touch the keys. Show people what the words "dynamics" and "painting the picture" really means. I guess that after teaching piano for so many months, you inevitably desire to play again. Reminisce about the "old days." I do admit to my inadequate ability to sight-read music well for the level that I am at...but I savor my one true ability that is crucial to any great performance: proper dynamics. This is the different between being robotic and colorful. Take liberties when allowed. Use dynamics. Add in your own. That, I do owe a great debt to my teacher.

What really got me thinking though was listening to some of the last pieces that I played before I quit and took my long "vacation." Thiswas the last piece I studied with my teacher. I liked the beginning movement more than the middle...but here is a piece that I enjoyed the middle more. They are both by Chopin. He is a genius. Liszt is also brilliant, and I am trying to revitalize This piece too, since it's so melodic and peaceful. To an extent. Ha ha.

I practiced for over 4 hours yesterday. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. I am trying to prepare 10 Christmas peices for a CD I'm making to hand-out to my loved ones for Christmas. Most are adaptions of our traditional favorites. The album will be called "Still, Still, Still." If you're a Manneheim Steamroller fan, You'll recognize the "Still, Still, Still," "The Holly & the Ivy," and "Emmanuel" from my Cd. Other pieces from Lorna Line and other artists have have really good adaptions of my favorite peices.
It was way too nice outside to not walk around and take some more Fall shots! I'm enjoying the great zoom on my camera, as geese are not too friendly when you get close. I actually am afraid of those beasts. They nearly attacked me once.

And of course some knitting. I just finished the chest shaping... and this WIP is awaiting more yarn so that I can start the arm shaping. Until then, it's enjoying the fresh air. And I'll spin a little more. And read some more of Maggie Stefton's 6th book in her knitting series, "Fleece Navidad." Too funny.