Sunday, July 06, 2014

Jewelry: Ecclectic Bird Necklace

Hey guys, this is my favorite jewelry-making of the three posts today.
The matching bracelet hits the notes of the necklace, but on a toned down scale. 
It looks super cute with a dark denim dress (note: dress fetish of mine lately) .
The bird was really the inspiration for the whole thing. I wanted red to be dominant, like the red flowers on the branches, but accented pops of blue/teal. I mixed layered beaded (stretchy) wire with a bronze chain link. It was my goal to get the bird to be offset by roses in a asymmetrical way.

I have already gotten so many compliments from family and friends on this on how unique and sweetly eclectic this looks. I'm already getting requests to make them one. Eek!

Jewelry: Fourth of July Dangling Earings

2 Silver Earring hooks
2 silver eye pins
4 silver Jump Rings
6 Glass beads (2 each in red, white and blue)
6 lengths of 8 small linked chains (about 1.5 inches long)

Thread red, white, and blue beds onto eye pin and close with a wrapped loop. Make sure the red bead is next to the preexisting loop on pin. Using the wrapped loop end (which should be the blue bead side), attach a jump ring containing three linked chains. Finally, attach the earring hook to the top of the eye pin with the red bead side. Make second earring.

Enjoy. They remind me the shooting stars, American style. 

Twin love at the beach.

Jewelry: Purple Prayer Pendant Necklace

I have a friend who is going through a rough time, emotionally and physically. To cheer her up, and to help her know that she is in my thoughts and prayers, I experimented with jewelry making as a symbolic gesture of these following things being with her:

Purple: for peace and healing
Orange: for energy and optimism

And a little angle watching her back:
It's a fairly simple necklace. I mainly did a spiral coil design to hold the pendant and little jump rings with glass beads, besides the cute little angel charm hanging out by the toggle clasp. 
I'm still getting the ropes of things, but I have a few more Jewelry pieces to show you in the following posts that get even cuter. Making jewelry is a fun little outlet for quick projects to show off, especially during the hot summer months, with cute tanks and dresses. I'm sort of developed a dress fetish lately. :)