Friday, May 30, 2008

Pretty in pink

It's been busy-busy-busy on the fronteer here. I'm already back at work. I guess there goes relaxation.
But, I finally finished spinning my single-ply yarn that I plan on using to knit up a chunky garter stitch hat later on. I think it went pretty well. I had to soak it in hot water first, and then hang it to dry with some weights so that I don't have the "curlies" while knitting it up later on. Next time, I'll do the real deal, and double-ply it. This was just to get the hand of things.
Purdy, huh?
Ok gang, I hate to be brief, but I have to run now. I don't even have the time to calculate the yardage on it. I'll do that later.

I'm planning on meeting up with the gals right now at Chilies. It's been quite a long time since we've really hung out as a group. I promise to not be so boring soon. I plan on creating a sock pattern, as well as a neat tank-top.
Until then. Enjoy the eye-candy for a bit. Sorry.
Thanks again for the congrats! Ya guys are the "bomb." btw- what is the new word for that now? lol.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

One among thousands

Ok...I'm a little late on posting. I've been super busy, unpacking, attending my grad party, going to two different dental appointments (out of 3, I skipped 3 years. They weren't kidding when they meant "intensive cleaning" for the second appointment. Yowzers.), working out, dyeing up 14 skeins of yarn...!!! Thanks for the congrats, All! You're the best!!! :)

The ceremony was three solid hours long. Good thing I went to the bathroom first, right? There was 2 hours of just name name was called toward the end. People were so bored they were actually text-messaging people. lol. This ceremony was for the college of liberal arts and science, meaning that there were just 1,600 students there. Yeah. My family spent the whole 3 hours trying to find me among the crowd. They saw me only when they called my name. Look among the audience. You'll notice that several rows are dedicated to all of the graduates that couldn't fit into the center of the arena.
I treated myself to a mystic tan for my graduation, so I wouldn't be so pasty-white. Here's a concept: don't bend your arms while studying'll regret the dark patch spots. My tan looked great, except for my hands. God did they look awful. For some reason, my hands had weird patches of dark bronze on my hands. I did everything they told me to during the spray. Who knows.
This ought to make you laugh. This is my aunt and uncle from Tennessee. Yes, he's wearing boots too. No more words are necessary, I think.

Ok, on to the GIFTS!!! I have to admit, the gifts were better than any Christmas I've had. They were better than combined Christmases. I got spoiled rotten, and I mean it! Ok, I have bragging rights for one post this month (or year), right?

A Spinning wheel!!!!!! Yay! Isn't she gorgeous?? This was a gift from my grandpa, aunt Charlene (picture) and parents. They out did themselves, even adding in the chair. This is an Ashford "Elizabeth II" spinning wheel made in New Zealand. It came with a lazy kate too, which is hiding in the picture. I just tried this out the other day, basically having to learn it myself...because the little booklet isn't that helpful. Surprisingly, Youtube doesn't offer much either when it comes to how-to's on spinning with a wheel.
It looks like a double-drive, single treadle wheel. It takes a little getting used to. I'm spinning up some pink yarn right now and the result is less than satisfying. But hey, it's my first time. I'll get used to how long to spin it before feeding it into the wheel, and how to actually draft fiber efficiently.
It's so pretty to look at. It really looks great when the sunset hits my room. My Aunt really outdid herself. She also stuck with the "spinning" theme and got me some rare things. This is a "Rumpelstiltskin" plate from Germany. I have the certificate and everything. She also got me a necklace made from another broken plate (rare plates) with another "Rumpelstiltskin" character on it, AND alpaca yarn, AND all of these neat pins with knitterly things written on them. The pictures are below.
Joe's parents and grandparents really outdid themselves too! Man! Joe's grandparents bought me a gorgeous pearl necklace, and his parents, a pearl bracelet. Looks like I'm set already for my wedding accessories! Aren't they beautiful? My grandfather also gave me jewelry. My grandmother's diamond necklace, the last grand thing he bought her 4 months before she passed away (the day after mother's day in '00). I feel privileged to inherit such a magnificent piece of work, and now feel obligated to wear it to my wedding. Somehow. I don't know how that is going to happen when I plan to wear the pearl necklace. Maybe I should wear it during the rehearsal dinner.
NOTE: I have taken the precaution of taking the jewelry and locking them up in someone 's home. Sorry, no big ideas for anyone. They are securely hibernating.

And now for the grand finale!!!!! I used all of my gift-money as a down-payment on my brand new car! It's a 2008 Honda civic, equipped with everything I could ever ask for: sunroof, great gas mileage, power-locks, lock remotes, a navigation system (with the built-in command system where you talk to your car and it does stuff for you. I mainly use it to change the radio stations or tell it to "go home."). This car seriously spoils me...but know that I am going to be paying out of the wazoo for it for the next 5 years.

Again, don't get any ideas. 2008's can't be stolen, hot-wired, and the navigation system cannot be taken out and still work. If my battery dies, the navigation system thinks it's being stolen and won't work without a code. I feel safe knowing that the whole car has anti-theft...everywhere. I mean, it can't even be hot-wired? Hazaah! Go Honda. Finally using some brains.

I just finished Water for Elephants. It was great! After dyeing up 14 skeins of yarn a couple of days ago, I'm recuperating. I went to the theaters with Joe to watch "Iron Man" (a great movie, by the way), I've been exercising again, putting my room back together, and I plan to spend the rest of my Saturday reading and watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer, S.1" (thanks Joe! Now I'm going to waste another countless hours of my life watching more series that you get me hooked on) and reading a new book. Ahh. This summer will be spent teaching 6 piano students, working at my part-time job, working for my etsy shop and maybe babysitting for my neighbors once a week. I'm not planning on aquiring a full-time job until Joe and I figure out where we are going to live once he get's his biomedical job. It will all work out, I keep telling myself. Patience is a virtue.

"Gatsby" members. I just emailed you all. If you did not get an email from me today, let me know.

Friday, May 16, 2008

School's out...for..ever!

I. Am. Done!
I took my last final at 7:3o am this morning, and man does it feel good to be done!

The University of Iowa
Major: Religious Studies
You're looking at my "Butterfly" colorway that I dyed a long while ago. I dyed up two of them, so there is one left in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested. I had "startitis" a couple of days ago, and knit two at once to nip my "second sock syndrome" in the butt. I think the colors look really neat. It's a lot brighter in person. More orange-y. It's a gentle leaning diagonal of colors, which is perfect. Can anyone guess what's different about the execution of this sock, that I normally don't do?

It feels so great to be done (I can't say it enough). My folks are still driving up as we speak, as well as my Aunt and Uncle. I think they might be at my school in about 15 minutes. Let the festivities begin! I hear a pina colada calling me, somewhere.
I will post some graduation ceremony/party pictures Sunday or Monday. I know I have an amazing gift coming my way....whoot whoot!

Cheers to not knowing what's ahead of me now!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ask and you shall receive*

*Obviously, we are NOT talking about my totally, completely, wholly, utterly BOGUS 7:30 am final in Prehistory which I'm quite sure 90% of the class populus failed. Not kiddin'. Talk about taking out the "big guns" with this one. My Linguistics final this evening went pretty well. Thanks for the encouragement, Kate (and all)!
Waking up at the crack of dawn was interesting. Really.

What I did take from Prehistory, as a relevant knitterly fact, is how far we have come with animal domestication, such as our famous Andean celebrity, Mr. Paci. Clearly, we have room for improvement, such as knitting socks for Anna while she's studying...but balancing an uneven load of spinning wheel stitch markers is a good start. He's even a gentlemen and offers what he can to hold my page.
My Aunt Charlene ordered these stitchmarkers during one of her ebay escapades. She was visiting when I just got into the stitch marker business last summer (gosh, that was a year ago. Lordie Lord) and finally bought a set for me to have, because the spinning wheel charms are pretty sweet. I hate to get all "lit" on ya, but perhaps this is a "foreshadow" of many wonderful things to come in the future. E-hem. hem. hem.
Like I said, ask and you shall recieve. My Brittany replacements came in the mail (oh crud, I forgot to check who, oh you wonderful person, mentioned about the 5-year replacement deal). It really did take a while, but they came! Two of mine broke, and I really only expected them to send me one, but here-be THREE! Whee!!

Oh kiddos. I've got two finals left. I'm off to take a quick shower (what, you expected me to wake up that early...AND take a shower?? Ha.) and then get a little bit of studying done. Then, I'll probably read a little bit more. You must get Water for Elephants! Squee! It's soo good! I do plan on making a colorway inspired by the book, as well as The Secret Life of Bees, because that book was really awesome too!

Oh, May 20th is coming up. That means that the Gatsby club sign-ups is closing in few more days. I have room for only 2ONE more member!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Takin' care of business

You should run. Jog. Skip. Anything that gets you quickly to the bookstore or library to get your hands on this book! I've only read 100 pages and I'm entirely captivated!

It's about the 1930's, when the depression hit, and a college vet drop-out who joined the circus having no other choice, where he faces hardship and crueltly, and later romance.

My allergies are really acting up, causing a nasty sore throat. Ick. I was a fool, and took some "severe allergy" medicine, forgetting that it makes you drowsy, and I had a very hard time staying awake in the front row of my Prehistory class. Half way through it, I realized that I was falling alseep in the last actual class I have, an undergraduate.

Don't expect me to see the sunshine this entire week. Here's my schedule:

Classes-9:30am & 11:30am
Study for Earth System, exam III (not the final)
EXAM (such a nice prof,...huh?): 2:30pm
Work on fiction porfolio
Study for 2 Monday finals

Turn in porfolio
Study mainly on 2 Monday finals, and than other finals

FINALS: 7:30-9:30AM-Prehistory & 7-9pm-Linguistics
Study for last two finals

Tuesday-Wednesday: study & pack

FINAL: 9:45am-Western Music and Concepts

FINAL: 7:30-9:30AM- Earth Systems
Getting drunk & seeing my family

Graduation at 9AM


Monday, on...dyeing!
Doing whatever I want!

Because I don't want to bore you all week, here's some cute of some of my past hammies:

Kit. (or "kit-kat" or Joe's version, "Twitch.")

Missy. Eating. What else?

Also, some "pictures of pictures" in B&W. I love that syle for hammies.
They sleep in the weirdest positions sometimes.

They once ran away, and I found Tunip sleeping soundly in a shoe on one of the basement stairs! I still have no clue how I spotted that!

Yes, we are both musicians.

I see you.

Sniffing. He looks like such the puff-ball.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The early bird catches the worm

EDIT: I'm starting to sound like a person with issues. I have now ordered more yarn (yet again), and will extend this club to 15 members, meaning that there is only 9 slots left! They are going like hot-cakes, and I don't blame them...LOST is AWESOME, and this type of club gives me so many ideas! I'm at the point where I think only allowing 15 members per type of club is sufficient, and doable for I am taking the first week or two off when I graduate.

LOST! Yeah! I had this idea after the Gatsby club went up. I couldn't help myself!

This one is a lot different. It has fingering weight yarn (theme colors) and laceweight yarn (jungle colors), as well as different SECRET extras! You're like Ben & Locke...and will have to let the island reveal its secret when you're ready.

to be only 15 spots in the Gatsby club. We have 11 members already. Sign-ups close on the 20th for those.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

One of the secrets

Remember over break, I said that I had a couple of things I was working on for my shop, but I wouldn't show you until I was done. Well, after tinkering with the whole thing, I'm finally ready to show you my cards. I've tried ribbon, and other stamps...but these simple, yet elegantly textured cards are my favorite.
They are up on my shop.
I've gotta go study some more now, so I'll leave you with this pretty picture. If you want to see some more pics, feel free to browse on my shop. I also reactivated like 30 expired items. Oops.
Thanks Cassie for wishing my eye well! (See post below.)

A perfectly normal Saturday evening

So, ok. I guess spending an hour in the ER isn't that normal, I guess.

For a couple of days, I've had a grey blotch in my right eye (not the clear "floater" circle with a grey strand) that moves everytime my right eye moves. I've read that it could be "vitreous fluid/floaters" or a detached retina. I definitely didn't want to sit around and get the latter, so I went to the ER tonight to get it checked out. The doctor and his intern (oh God, I thought she was going to give me the exam) looked it over, and decided that since my peripheral vision is fine, and I don't have headaches or most likely is the "vitreous floater," a protein fluid inside your eye that will slowly get dissolved within a few more days. If it doesn't go away by Tuesday or Wednesday, it's back to the doctor again (maybe a slight detachment). You have no idea how weird I felt walking into an ER while looking absolutely normal, despite the grey spots.
Pray that it's just the darn fluid. The doc calls them "ghosts."
I hate ghost stories.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

A quick note

Sorry, I'm just popping in here real quick to say how exited I am about my KUAS sockclub, and how it's taking off so well, concerning members & their assured excitement with me.

I know I said that I can only take 20 members, but it is now down to 15, because I also made the LOST theme package as well.

So far, I have 11 members for June, and 5 of them being 3 month-ers. That means that there are 14 spots left, and if you want's your chance. I'm closing the sign-ups on the 20th, so I can get right to dyeing them , creating the stitch markers and sending them out.

I also want to let you know that if you are one of the members already, I have created the ravelry group: "KUAS June Sockclub" for you all to post your pictures, comments, discussions, etc. Now I just have to learn how to link the picture to that group in a month.

YAY!!! I can't wait to start dyeing up a storm. :)