Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Ms. Elizabeth II,
         It's been too long since we've seen eachother. And not just several months long, but about a year. I've missed your touch, your soft purr as I push your "treadle." This was more than just a dry spell between us, it was a complete separation of affection...until this weekend. Somehow, after months of watching you from afar, I had that inkling to reconnect with you. Maybe it was me passing by a few too many [expensive] hand-spun booths at Stitches Midwest Saturday, or maybe you bat your shiny gleaming wood in the sunlight a few too many times for me to resist, or maybe even I have finally uncovered that new-found "drive" to make colorful wooly offsprings with you. You really were one for a good "spin."
       Either way, I'm so glad that we have "hooked" up again. I really have missed you. I'm going to keep reading up on how to keep our relationship close-knit. I haven't completely understood your anatomy, how to build-up or release your "tension" like a pro, but I will. Oh I will.

P.S, Let's sign a contract to make it official. I want to know your limits.
P.P.S, How do you like my "Yellow Room?"

Yours truly,
Mr. 50 Shades of Wooly Grey
CEO founder of "stay away from me if you know what's good for you" company.

Alright, alright. You caught me. This was getting a little too weird anyways. Maybe us knitters should have our own hybrid genre going here.  After reading 50 Shades of Messed Up Awful, I'm back to reading the newest release from my Knitting Mystery Series while also spinning. And not reading an over-rated bestseller (with horrific writing) about weirdos with mess-up "hobbies."

But really though, I did miss spinning, especially after going to Stitches Midwest. I couldn't believe how the prices of roving has gone up. I was looking at my stash, and it seemed that I was paying around 10 dollars or so per 4 oz., and it seemed like everything was 25 dollars Saturday for 4-8 oz.

The fact is that I do have woolies to spin. Lots of it. Merino, alpaca, bamboo...
But I needed some sort of colorway to be plied with that nice pink fiber that I finished spinning this weekend. (The fiber that has been sitting on my bobbin for like a year. Shhhh....)

I didn't end up finding that perfect colorway. However, I did have a screaming toddler (just one of the two, the other was finishing his nap in the car with the hubby) that made me almost run through the aisles while browsing, and I wasn't willing to fork up half a gold-piece, so I let it be. I'll be a good girl and spin up that wooly mass underneath the black/blue roving in the photo. Who am I kidding, it should work out perfectly.

Must. Stop. Spending. Unnecessarily.

 Now I don't feel bad about purchasing those two pretty skeins of "Three Irish Girls" yarn and WIP tubes. OK, I have plenty of sock yarn, but the tubes were a must!

I've also been working on the ply-mate for my blue yarn that I started spinning before the pink fiber. The mate has been sitting patiently on the lazy-kate. That was before I lived in this house (2 years), before the kids, before our apartment that we lived in for a year...um. Sick. (Call the Wheel Police.) That was before I got married almost 3 years ago! Eeek. The one you see is a whole new bobbin that I started two days ago. It seems to be the same size (fingering weight). I look forward to finishing it up so I can have something tangible to hold in my hands! Kick me if I don't finish it this week. Really, I mean it.