Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wooly Dyes this Weekend

Needless to say, I just used up my 4 skeins of fingering yarn that I got Friday! However, I'm soo excited to show you guys the finished products of my sock yarn from this weekend!!! I even made labels for them, with the yarn information in the inside of the tag. I made heart labels now. I didn't like the tag sticking out.

Go go "Gryffindor!"
Yeah, below is another skein that looks similar to this, but it's different. The little pink streaks here and there is from it not properly soaking up the color. Oh well,... it doesn't really phase me. After I knit up the socks, I can hand paint it redder in those patches.
I can't wait to knit these babies up while watching the movies. *sigh* I still have to do the tanktop too, amid all the other knits going on!

The label suggests otherwise, but it should be named "Earthen."

On the top is my "Lagoon" yarn. Let's see... there is green, a more paleish green, neon yellow-green and a pretty blue! On the bottom is my "Flamin' Hot!" yarn! Now you can see the difference between the pink & orange-red. There's also yellow in it.

I just made a sock-along.... since most of those are closed!

It's called
"Sockatility"... you know, versatility of socks!Just like the HP KAL, email me if you wanna join! Go check it out. :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sneak Peak at Some "Dryin' Dyin'"

I was really intrigued by the magnificence of yesterday's sunset. Although my sucky digital camera (cheap then, & out of date now...) could never capture the true beauty and colorway of the sky, I'm hoping you can just get a tiny glimpse of the beauty our earth holds when you stop for a few minutes to enjoy the setting of the sun. (OK, well I'm a night owl, so this has to count for my "sunrise" experience too... lol.)
Just looking at my blinds, you can see the pink

shinning through. It's all about the little things in life, isn't it... that makes everything feeling alright at the end of the day? I was so bummed that my camera couldn't catch all of the other colors in the sky, and the rich deep hue that it would have been in the picture. *sigh,* oh well.

It's always exciting to get your yarn in the mail!
4 delicious skeins of 100% merino in fingering weight (ah, yes...self, that would be the correct button to push online, wouldn't it?!)
Um, well, two skeins are still white! ha ha.

You're looking at from left to right, "Lagoon" and "Flamin' Hot."
There really are 3 different colors on each, but it's really hard to see that in the picture.
They are just chilling in the bathroom, taking their sweet time drying. I can't wait to finally try twisting them into a real skein. ha ha. It's about darn time!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ITCHING for some HP?

This blog is for all you HP (knitter) fans! Because there is less than a month left before the HP5 movie & HP7 book, I expect many posts from ya'll! I mean, this is the LAST book! Then Harry dies.... lol, j/k. (yeah, I was serious. shhh.)
Email me to join: All I need is your email address so I can send you the invite.
Please label the subject of the email "HP Blog" or whatever, so I don't delete it by accident! If you already emailed me, but didn't receive a response, it could have been that reason. Just email again.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Save the Date

~*~September 19th, 2009~*~
....Only two million years to go! I feel like i'm in frickin wedding *Limbo.*
So ok, I HAD to go to Michael's. I was commissioned to knit a jester hat for someone at church, because they work at the Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. After I got their 8 colors of 100% cotton yarn, I made my way through the scrapbook aisle, in search for something for my wedding. I found "Once Upon A Time" paper that was discontinued. I loved it soo much! Isn't it gorgeous?? However, I only have 3 sheets, and the idea that I had for it would ruin the integrity of the paper. I decided that my theme colors are going to be a garden. I'm using brown for the background of the paper, pink center with a slightly larger green background behind the pink. My tables will have green and pink flowers. That's as far as I got! lol.
So, I decided to do hearts for my "save the date" magnets that i'm making. This way, the item still retains the nature beauty of the paper.
I found this awesome stencil that I will not only use on translucent paper, but for my "Save the date" magnets. I will have a brown background with a green painted/airbrushed stencil, and the heart will be somehow glued just like that to the stencil. I'll figure out a outliner for the heart later. our information will be written outside of the stenciled part.
I just love intricate details. Each heart is unique. Of course, I still have to cut the hearts out a little better later. It will come out quite nicely when I get more supplies. It doesn't look like too much to the outsider, but it looks great in the completed form in my mind!

...ok, an a more knitting note!

I'm officially a beta tester for Ravelry! yay!
I've added a few WIP and stashing to the site. Sorry about the crappy pic. I didn't know how else to take a snap-shot, besides using my camera.... and cameras & monitors don't mix!

Upcoming: Working on the Jester hat from Knitwhits. Deadline: July 5th!

********************************************************************************** P.S- If you haven't gone on recently, I just wrote up the pattern for "Joe's Office Socks" below. ***********************************************************************************

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Office Socks

These socks, patterned with a diamond texture are perfect for the office scene. You can rock them in more girly colorway tones, or stick to earthy colors for yourself, a lucky friend, boyfriend or hubby.

These socks shine best when worked with a non-variegated yarn and a yarn type that is crisp, to show stitch-definition well. You do not want a yarn that hides this great stitch texture. Solid colors are great, but shop around for a colorway with subtle hand-painted tones within the same color (ei. Greens, or blues, or tans, etc.)  

Construction: Top-Down
« Yarn: under 400 yards of a non-variegated fingering weight yarn.
« Needles: set 5 of dpns in size US 2/2.75mm, or 40’’ circular needle for “Magic Loop” method, plus 1 darning needle.
Measurement: leg width= 4’’ while flat. Feel free to go down or even up in needle size to adjust the overall sock fit. This sock pattern stretches with ease.
Gauge:  approx. 8 sts and 12 rows= 1’’ in the “Diamond” stitch pattern.  
Abbreviations:  K=knit     P= purl      Dpns= double pointed needles     St(s)=stitch(es)    K2tog=knit 2 sts together       PSSO=pass second st over       Rd(s)=round(s)        Sl 1= slide 1 st (purl-wise)
WYB=with yarn in back      WYF=with yarn in front        K1 TBL= knit st through the back of loop

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Quick Stroll Down Memory Lane

My friend Liz mentioned about Lotus Knits' "first finished knitted project competition." Naturally, the prize is yarn! Hand-dyed, to make things even sweeter! I was baffled when I looked through my knitting projects archives on my computer, and there were no pictures on my first knitting projects! So, I had to scavenge around the house looking for my first finished FO, a scarf, that I selflessly gave away to my mother, like a good little teenager. lol. Please refer me as your informant to the contest if you enter! Thanks! :) So here she be! Drum roll please!! ....

About 3 1/2 years ago, I used about 2 skeins of homespun on size 9 needles to make this scarf. The cast on was somewhere around 40 stitches, so this scarf took me a good month or so. However, the results were satisfying. I would even wear it now... the colors look so pretty and vibrant in person.

For the rules, I quote Lotus Knits:
"All you have to do to enter the contest is:1.) post a picture on your blog of your first finished knitted item OR what's next in your queue that you *haven't* cast on for yet and 2.) make sure to mention this contest! Scarf, dishcloth, sweater, whatever! I wanna see! Then, 3.) email me at (or leave a comment) to let me know you've posted so I can come check out your blog! Let me know what blog you saw the contest on, because for every person that mentions your blog as a referral, you get another entry into the contest."


So, what have I been up to lately? Well, for one thing: work. I have two jobs going on right now. However, I started my pregnant friend's baby cardigan. I've got the pattern written up on the computer already. I just have to finish it. It needs a few more increases, straight knitting, sleeves then voila... "Sweet As Candy" cardigan in a flash!

Also, I've been working on Joe's care package, since he's at Iowa right now taking summer classes. He's getting these incredibly awesome "office socks" that I designed just for him. It's doubled up lace weight on size two needles. I swear Joe, if your still reading this... I'm keeping the socks. He promised to not look at this post because I really wanted to show you all.

I'm using the "Moss" yarn that I specifically dyed with him in mind, since he absolutely loves green. I think you can see the different specks of green if you click on the picture. edit: if you squint. The picture link won't blow up for some reason.

It's frickin' 100 degrees in my house again, so I obviously can't continue knitting both projects. Oh well, I still need to keep reading Harry Potter 5 & 6.

I also started my "knitting mystery" book last night! Exciting! I love it already! Hopefully it will be good enough one day to consider publishing! Whoo hoo!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good things come in pairs.

Hey Everyone!
Although some might have thought that I would give up one these size 1 + fingeringweght combo, but I didn't. There was no way a skein so beautiful was going to collect dust bunnies. Not on my turf! I weaved in the last thread, and grabbed my "knitting in the tiny" diploma and got that camera the heck out! Here's my shots:

And good things do come in pairs. The proof is in the pudding, er.... on the foot.
"Arctic Socks"
Yarn: Lana Grossa (80% virgin wool & 20% polyamide)-75g of 100g
Needles: Size 1's
Cast-on amount: 64 stitches

MAIL CALL!! "Here's the mail it never fails... it makes me wanna wag my tail... when my knitting package comes I wanna wail.... MAIL!!!" You're looking at three skeins of 840 yards of pure lace weight goodness.... In white.... Ready to be dyed. (I'm sure you knew that was coming!) And no Liz, i'm not on drugs.

Although the bag of lettuce has seen better days, the salad I had was just too pretty to dig into just yet, until I took a picture. And yes, that is fruit in the salad. Trust me, it's good.
Rasberry Walnut Salad:
1. Put a glass salad bowl in the freezer for at least several minutes.
2.Take it out, put a nice handful or two of iceberg salad on your plate.
3. Throw some rasberries (and cherries, if you want to. I did, but you don't have to.)
4. Sprinkle walnuts all over your salad. The more the merrier, my taste buds says.
5. Spray Wishbone's Rasberry salad spritzer all over your salad. Don't be shy, it's only 1 calorie a spray!
6. Voila! Feast yourself to some healthy goodness for lunch!

What's going on tomorrow: I need to start working on Baby knitting for my pregnant friend tomorrow. I'll be working up a raglan pattern, then a bib (sometime), and more booties (at a later time).

Joke of the moment: After being depressed Monday (complicated reason), I came to the conclusion that I was going to write a book. Yeah. Believe me, the funny part isn't that my blog doesn't show my "creative" and more "sophisticated" writing, it was that I thought for several hours that I could commit to a book. I would love to write a knitting mystery series, like Maggie Stefton, but then the book would really sound the same... I would get sued. Then I thought, hey, you're good at the Fantasy genre, you should do that. However, if I can't think ahead while playing chess, would I really be good about planning ahead for characters, the plot and such? Then I thought, ok, well, children's books are simple enough...maybe you could do that...

There really is no ending to this book-writing rambling. However, feel free to laugh. I can't even commit to a diary for more than a couple of days.
However, If I do ever write a book, and it's good, use the code: "amused" for a discount price.

And I do realize it's 1:30am right now.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I hope you all had a great Saturday. I know I did!
Because we were going to have smoked ribs for dinner, I made BBQ beans, onion/garlic/bacon green beans and for dessert, peach cobbler! This was my first go:

As Rachael Ray says: "Yum-O!" or "Delish!" I was quite pleased with the results! It almost looked too pretty to dig into. :)

Are you a "sense-able" knitter?
Do you enjoy knitting mostly when you have a lot of sensory elements working for you?

I noticed lately that I enjoy knitting a lot in nature (ok, and in PJ's!). Today, I lit the tiki-torches at dusk, to get rid of those darn mesquiters, and continued knitting with the cool breeze running through my fingers and cheeks, while smelling the tiki flames, and savoring the beautiful view of our block's pond, and mostly the sweet water symphony that only comes at night: singing frogs and crickets. My mind is usually too busy to really meditate, but this night was the closest I felt I could come to it. It was just too peaceful.

Oh, did I forget taste? You should probably take a closer look at the picture. Mmm, Kahlua and cream. :)

I was particularly knitting up these suckers the whole time. The first one *finally* almost has its pair. To tickle my fancy even more, they wholly match. Their stiping is exactly perfect to one another. I couldn't ask for anything better. Thanks Lana Grossa for the pretty colors & stripes!
Finally.... I finished spinning! Woo-hoo! It's just like Noro Yarn. I know what you're all thinking..."what-the!" But I must ask, why should I wind my yarn into a boring ball? It looks better like a fruit. Ha ha. After all, it's named "Cranberry-Apple."
Another crazy view.

Did you take the "knitter's poll" yet? Scoll down 2 posts before this.

Upcoming: an update on "Ripples" Reading Afghan, a finished Lana Grossa sock ("Arctic") w/ possible pattern attached, and... maybe a new WIP started, peut-etre?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Never Leave Your Socks Unattended

Dear all future and present socks:

I solemnly swear to do my darnedest
to finish your pair before starting another.
However, if there's no more yarn for you,
you can always be a monk or nun.
You choose.

I solemnly swear to to do my darnedest
to not gaze so heavily at the other sock skeins,
oh so juicy and appealing.
Don't forget the endurance that takes,
for pete's sake.
(p.s- I get a couple of freebie glances, but that's it.)
My love is pure and faithful.

I solemnly swear to do my darnedest
to never have more than one socks on the dpns
unless it's your other half, your soul-mate.
I'll tell it like a lover.

However, the exceptions are
Christmas, (other High Holy days) & Birthdays...
when it's not just about you.
There are just too many feet to serve at once.
You must not get envious.
Be patient, you'll have your hours of glory
in a few weeks.

I solemnly swear to try my darnedest
to dye you beautifully, if bought in white,
so you can shine magnificently
for years to come.

I solemnly swear to try my darnedest
that some of you will be laced and cabled-up,
not just plain-jane style.

I solemnly swear to try my darnedest
to never wear a hole in you,
even though I'll wear you
over and over again.

Thus said, I'll do my darnedest for you all.
I'll never leave you unattended.
(but only relating to socks.
Sorry, I'm just not that good.)

Your loving creator,

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Subtle Differences

Hey All! This poll's actually a toughie!

I've been doing a little spinning again lately. I reached this point, and cut the wool to continue on. It was just getting way too heavy!

Don't you just love subtle differences? It's hard to see in the picture, but there is the darker cranberry-apple color, and a more cranberry-grape every now and then.
It strikes my fancy on how similar the look, feel and size of the yarn is to Noro yarn!

I plan to knit these babies up later into fingerless mittens, like my Stitch 'N Bitch fingerless gloves, that I used Noro yarn on.

Today was beautiful! A little hot for my taste, but windy. Heh, look at my backyard tree! Yowzah!

I've been knitting my "Ripples" Reading Afghan the past couple of days. I've gotten further, although it doesn't show it. The circumference is getting wider and wider each round, so it's taking a lot longer to knit it up! I'll have some pictures for you all tomorrow. I want to knit a few more rounds first. It already looks a hundred times better than the first picture I showed you all! Ok, well I exaggerate just a tad on numbers sometimes.

I'm getting another itch to dye somemore yarn! I have a 40% coupon to Michaels. I'll probably pick up some more wool on Sunday then. This time, we'll enter the world of the Tropics! Aloha!
Edit: I just bought some natural fingering-weight sock yarn (840 yards!) from I'll have to wait until Monday, Tuesday or even Wed. (at the latest). They are really fast at shipping! I bought 3 skeins. Lol. Liz, ya better not say a word. One more comment on the the fingering-weight, I swear i'll crack.
Oh the possibilities....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Spinning & "Ripples" Reading Afghan

I spent the better part of Saturday dying some more yarn. I let the spinning wool soak for a good hour, before I cooked it in a large steel pot full of various shades of pink and some purple. It's such a pretty color! I nicknamed it "Cranberry Apple."

I started to spin the wool using my brand-new drop spindle. My only concern is that to get it looking normal, you have to overspin, thus making it twist up on itself. Otherwise, the fibers aren't spun enough, for a strong finish. Oh well. Maybe i'm just used to double or more ply, and this is just a single ply.

I also dyed my FH (Joe)'s wool. He's a sucker for green, so I dyed him various shades of green. The food coloring company now sells "neon" colors for food dyes! I was thrilled. I used the "neon green" to get that yellowish-green color in his skein. The other 2 shades were mixes of food dyes. I'm calling this one "Woodland." He'll be checking up on this blog now and then, so I can't tell you what i'm doing with it yet. Sucka!! :-P Yeah, I love you more. It's even published!

Today, I designed my own afghan, since I've been itching to make some sort of afghan for months. It was going to be called "flowering out," since the texture looked like petals. Now, with my favorite colors, I had another look at it, and was like, "gee... you look like ripples in a pond." Ok, well, I don't talk to myself that weirdly all the time, but I did come to that realization somewhat like that. So, it's now called my "Ripples" Reading Afghan.

Doesn't it look like someone threw pebbles in a pond?

And no, you're not hallucinating. It is semi-triangular. The colors are darker in real life. That teal is a lot lighter in the camera! yuck. I'm still debating whether or not to add white after I do somemore stockinette & garter rep's. I'm a plain jane, and two striping colors seemed appealing to me. However, I think another color, white, would maybe enhance it. What do you all think? 2 colors? 3 colors? EDIT: I've already decided to just stick with those two colors. :)

The pattern will be out when I finish. It's already written up, but it would be weird if I release it, but didn't finish it myself.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Beach Bum Skirt (KUAS Original Pattern)

Designed By Anna Peck

This free pattern has been removed 10/17/12. It may or may not return, but if it does, it will be tweaked and pdf’ed and available for an inexpensive $1.99 price.

If your as self-conscious as me, you probably prefer something that will cover up your bikini bottom while walking around the beach. I dub this quick knit "(cover your) beach bum" as the perfect summery knit to ease your mind, and look chic by the poolside. It is a lace pattern, so you'll even catch a nice breaze as you lounge around. Hey, you might even need multiple ones to match your various bikinis laying around the house. Aloha!

**At least 315 yards of soft cotton, medium weight in any color.
**In a different color, about 25-50 grams of a slightly thicker yarn than your main color. It depends on how flared you made your skirt.
-Needles: Size 7 US circular needles (26'') & small crochet needle (size not too important)
-4 Place Markers (PM's)

SIZE: Medium

MEASUREMENTS: (taken after blocking)
-WAIST WIDTH: 16 1/2 inches wide
-SKIRT WIDTH: 20 1/2 wide in the middle of skirt & 25 1/2 wide on bottom edge
-SKIRT HEIGHT: 11 1/2 inches tall (from top to bottom)