Thursday, April 29, 2010

Double, double, toil and trouble

simply booties
Hey everyone. Sorry for the lengthy absence. I've been meaning to post earlier on with some big news, but I couldn't until now because I didn't let my work on the big secret until yesterday.

Well, what is it? I'm pregnant..........with TWINS!!

The due date is 12/11/10 (a day before my birthday, but twins never come on time!). So, it looks like I have my hands completely full for say, maybe the next 21 years! I always knew that there was a possibility of twins for me (my maternal grandmother was a twin), but I didn't expect them on the first go. I went to my first ultrasound meeting on Tuesday, and we were focusing on one "sac" and the lady started to look around and saw the second and told us that there were two heart beats! They will be fraternal twins, because they are unmistakeably separated, both camping out in their own cozy tents and their own supplies. It looks like Christmas will be different this year! and Twins!

These booties are just the building blocks to other greater booties. (lol.) I see myself knitting moccasins, fluffy socks, ballet slippers (if a girl(s)), and even elf or Santa slippers for Christmas.

I have SOO much knitting to do...and I want to know the genders now!!! Whaaa!

spring 2010 flowers

I left off with Winter, and will pick up with Spring. Are you all stopping to smell the gorgeous tree-flowers?!? I want it to last extra long this year, but I don't have magical powers. I'm trying to take the time this year to really enjoy them, because they seem to only last a week or less.
spring 2010 flowers
spring 2010 flowers

Here's a picture from our first 2010 BBQ that we had with some friends. I think when we get our next place, we'll have to upgrade, but right now this little Webber is taking care of business. And yes, boys do love grillin'. (They just don't like cleaning up the mess.)
2010 spring bbq