Sunday, November 30, 2008


Alas. The end of November. It's time to bundle up. Enjoy the flurries with a cup of hot cocoa or tea and sit back with a great novel. Or, maybe it's time to knit while maybe even doing all the above. One thing is for sure, you're neck is ready for some fuzzy action. A teaser of my NY Neck-wrap from the "Sex in the City" knit club. It's a multi-textured wrap with lovely I-cords to give a new "twist" to the whole scarf thing. The movie screams pink, so I did the "default" color to the club, but I gave all of my members the choice of their favorite bold color to be more personalized.

Oh, and of course (a very late, but promised) picture with my shorter hair.

The geese have been parading along our backyards for quite a while now. They've been plumping up for their Great Flight while also taking the time to enjoy life for a bit. You know, "smell the roses," or ice skate.
That's our pond they are standing on. Apparently, Jesus made a visit not too long ago. Not that I like the poop and all, but I think geese are fascinating creatures. It's always interesting to look at each flock. See which one is the papa. You'll notice that there will always be one standing guard while the others eat or sleep. And, it's always a funny thing when the geese land on the ice, not realizing that the water has frozen. Whoops! *thunk!*
Happy Advent! Look for a post tomorrow with a holiday pattern & a cry for your help!

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