Monday, January 30, 2012

Modular Striped Vest:: finished

modular vest
It's been a very long week. Very long. Did I mention how it's been a long week? *Eugh* One of our worst nightmares was realized. Monday, Jacob got the stomach flu. Tuesday, he started getting better and then I, my husband and my other son Sam got the stomach flu. A very bad case. If you don't have kids, or if you've never had the "privilege" of having a gut-wrenching ailment while your child(ren) are sick-oh how completely helpless you feel- what an experience! There's nothing like not being able to get out of bed without blacking out while your child is that sick. We were VERY fortunate to live closely to our parents and to have them risk their own health to take care of the young'ins. I don't know how we could have taken care of them.

But, anyways. Here we are in the present. The boys are pretty much back to normal one week later, and I have finished the Vest.
modular vest
Weaving in ends...quel nightmare. Wasn't looking forward to doing it. Eventually, I lost count while sewing.
modular vest

: Striped Modular Vest by Andra Knight-Bowman
Yarn: 4 skeins of Yarn treehouse "Daisy," in bulky and 1/3 skein of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride (heavily) worsted yarn in black.
Needles: US9 straights
Project started: December 28th(?) 2011
Project finished: January 29th, 2012
Modifications: arrangement of squares to form an "X," Crochet edging & for sewing, no collar, bottom edge with seed-stitch.

modular vest
Above, the back.
modular vest
The front.

The vest is a little large. I might even felt it a touch to get it to the size needed. We'll see.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Take the squares challenge... I dare you.

Hey everyone.
I'm finally done with the eight squares for the Modular Vest. All I have left is the bottom edge where I'm supposed to garter for a few inches, and then of course piecing them all together. It took a while to figure out which configuration I was happiest with, and I thought of a neat little challenge for you. Can you guess which positions I chose? I'll start you off with half of the answers, so take your best guess. It'll be cool too see if someone can guess correctly. I apologize now for the color variances. The sun kept changing the lighting.

The squares will be turned so that all of the cast on edge (the edge with the most stitches) touch eachother.

So...if you'd like to play the "squares challenge," here's four answers to start you off:
A= 3

1 ,8, 5 & 3 are the smaller and upper squares:

2, 7, 4, & 6 are the bigger and lower squares



Is your head hurting? I know mine is.


OK, a little more help., I guess.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Complete: Ribbed Baby Jacket #2

ribbed baby jacket 2
I guess I made an unofficial New Year's resolution to post more, which means that my little short time to myself after the boys go down is starting to be spent more on knitting, and not just being slumped half-dead on the couch after a long day of taking care of the boys & the constant cleaning. Even after a year or so of motherhood, I'm still not used to the never-ending mess. They literally undo the tidying at the same rate, and I feel like I can't quite keep up with the 'Jones.' Gone are the days when I did one or two loads of laundry a week.

You're looking at the second baby jacket...and now the boys can each wear one! The real jacket is a lot browner than in the photo I took during the morning light. They will have to grow into it a bit, which means success! I'm one step ahead of them...

Project: Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in a tweedy brown; 2.5 skeins
Needles: US7
Project started: October 12, 2011
Project completed: January 11th, 2012

ribbed baby jacket 2

I think that this version is fairly better. I changed the pattern from the first jacket to have ribbing continuously on the bottom. The button's loops are more snug, which helps. The color is better, and tweed is always handsome as a sweater.

ribbed baby jacket 2

What's next? I'm slowly working on the modular vest. It's almost 3/4 done. I'm tying to get shake off the "startitis itch" to make the boys a colorful rug...and socks...

Monday, January 09, 2012

Roundabout Shawlette Complete!

roundabout shawlette
The shawlette is blocked, folded, tagged with care instructions and shipped off to its recipient! Yay!

Pattern: KUAS' "Roundabout Shawlette"
Needles: US7 circulars
Yarn: MacKintosh Chubby Sock Yarn in "Minotaur" and KUAS fingering weight yarn in "Morning Roast"
Started: November 8th, 2011
Finished: January 8th, 2012

roundabout shawlette
I think it turned out well. The roundabout circles are a little more distinguishable now, post-block.

roundabout shawlette
Plus, it kind of looks cute as a curtain.

roundabout shawlette
This one was plastic-wrapped in photoshop. Looks wicked weird, but cool.

roundabout shawlette

roundabout shawlette
Cutout version, good for showing off the ruffled lace edging.

roundabout shawlette

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Roundabout Shawlette: blocking

A little peak at what's on the brink of completion...

Edging: done.
Soaking: done.
Blocking: commenced.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Morning Roast & Knitivity

While the babes were sleeping, I got the chance to dye up a colorway to match the "Roundabout" shawlette that I'm knitting because I ran out of yarn like yards before the end of the pattern. This will enable me to do the edging that I looked forward to doing. The colorway is brown with redish tones. It reminds me of coffee (a mother of twins with caffeine always on her mind). I think it matches pretty well. The base is merino and alpaca, and I'll most likely have to double it up because it's fingering weight versus the sport weight of the shawl. A little beading is in its future, with simple single crochet & lace edging.
My mother tagged along to the mall the other day because the boys were trying out their free Gymboree class (it would have cost $110 for that one 45 minute class for both boys to attend!!). It was a lot of stimulation that the boys are not used to...all go-go-go-go with the teacher, and the boys were a little freaked out, so I decided to start out with "open gym" passes, because quite honestly, it would almost be the same thing since it's not one-on-one.

Anywho...we went to Barnes & Nobles afterwards and found this cute book that my mom forced me to buy. She even mentioned that she (the person who WILL NOT knit because she doesn't have the "patience") wouldn't mind helping me knit up the "knitivity" scene. Ha ha. I didn't take her claim for face-value because I knew when it comes down to it, I'll be the one who will end up knitting the whole thing, but I had to admit that it was a good idea as a Christian & knitter to make one for myself (or for others). Did I mention that it was practically 60 percent off? I love to do my shopping for next year's Christmas a day or two after Christmas because they still have the good items leftover and because things that add up in the long run (like 5 dollar wrapping paper!) are dirt cheap this time of year...and why not stock up before you put the decorations away?
The book includes a crib and also the background scene to the set.

I think it's a really neat concept because it encourages you to knit different versions, like pregnant Mary and sitting Mary and standing Mary to suit your needs. This Nativity scene would really be great for the whole Advent season. Why shouldn't you have pregnant Mary out right before the "big night?" Or Mary riding a camel next to Joseph? I think that would impress a few people. Stash-buster? I think so!

...Not to mention, they make really great gifts next year!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Modular Striped Vest: back complete

A good start to the new year. The Modular Striped Vest is well underway. The backside is completed, which leaves me a little exhausted to knit up the exact same (monotonous) 4 squares again...but half done with the vest, nonetheless.
I'm still tinkering around with the layout with the squares. I might switch the upper left and right squares. This is exactly why I refused to pick up stitches and follow the pattern of the decrease lines both going "/" on the left side and "\" on the right side. It looks better as an "X." I plan on crocheting the squares together instead of sewing it...and don't forget my I-cord edging idea. Also, no collar and no buttonhole. I plan on doing the button like Jake's "Ribbed Baby Jacket."

I might put this baby on hold so I can dye up the brown colorway that I need for the edging of the "Roundabout Shawlette" that I haven't quite finished completely. The hubby got me a yarn swift that hooks onto the edge of the table for Christmas (I had a solid wood tabletop version that is adjustable through pegs) so maybe it will be easier swifting.

I hope you all enjoyed your New Years. We are back on track for exercising. . .you know how that goes. I fully intend to slim down this year, so people can stop asking me whether or not my "not-fully-bounced-back-yet-from-twin-baby-fat-and-c-section pouch" body is expecting! Just a few people, and mostly middle-age men or older. Boy were they embarrassed. Especially the one helping me buy the stinking elliptical. Duh.