Thursday, June 26, 2008


Actual knitting picture in the post below.

What have I been up to? Although I am currently suffering from what I can only imagine is terrible allergies...I have gotten a number of things done in the past couple of days:
1. Finished the sock pattern & sock, as well as sweated blood trying to turn the Word document into a pdf. Blame it on the insanely cool pictures, I guess. They were corrupted.
2. Dyeing up 23 skeins of yarn within a few days...15 of them being for the Dracula sock club (I think you guys will love it! It's going to be awesome!!). Get this though...I have 35 skeins sitting in my room waiting to be sent between two clubs (Lost has 10 members, two skeins each). That doesn't include the other yarn for my shop.
3. Working on most of the Lost extras, which means that I will probably be able to send the packages tomorrow, or Friday at the latest. If you're receiving the package, I think you'll find the club to be really funny & a true "themed" club. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

These are my new colorways from left to right: "Parade," Irish Spring (LOVIN' IT!), "Praying Mantis," and "Field of Violets." I dyed up two of the skeins on the left, because I think they might be the most popular. I'm doing some swapping with a blog friend, and she gets first dibs. After she's done picking, I'll put them up in my shop. She picked "Praying Mantis," so I just put the rest into the shop. Here is what I bought today. See all of those books? Less than 8 bucks, people. That's a whole lot of bang for your buck, huh? Get this... most of the books are 14 each, except for the Christie book. It's like me only paying for that book and getting all of those others free!

This ought to interest you. I'm basically a library. Look really closely at the shelves...they are triple stacked. Yeah, I know. Sick. Everyone has their quarks though. A lot of the middle case's bottom shelves are thriftstore finds though. Kind of. Joe's parents got a puppy! Squee!!! Her name, unfortunately is "Zada"...whatever the frick that means. Apparently, she is the "daughter of Sasquatch" (the Maliszewski men have a particular sense of humor). They adopted her at a shelter about a week ago. She's so cute. Can't they stay like that forever??

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Your "World's Worst Poster" reporting in

Hey guys.
I know, I know....where's the goods, right? I haven't made a decent post in a while. I know. I will get the "teaser" picture of the new sock pattern up hopefully tonight (it's Friday, you never know what will actually happen).

10 Reasons why I've been neglecting you:
1. Trying to get myself a "full-time job" that has an opening for a part-time job ministry (keep your fingers crossed for me...I'm going to need your prayers or help on this one!!!)
2. Working at my current part-time jobs
3. Teaching piano all day Monday (and make-ups on other days)
4. Trying to finish this sock pattern
5. Taking care of 2 clubs (I got myself in pretty deep, I know. But it will be fine...)
6. Hanging out with Joe on his last week or so here until he finishes up school for half a year
7. Babysitting for neighbor
8. dyeing up some yarn for a couple swaps, and for the shop ($$ to pay off debt)
9. Spending time with the 2 weeks of 2 different visits from my out-of-town relatives
10. Tired after work, and not feeling like doing anything but being a veggie by the 'ol tube

I'm sorry again. Once these two clubs are done (and the sock pattern), I should be good to go with knitting some stuff again. *sigh*

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just in.

I took the day off from my part-time job to work at home, dyeing up some more innovatory for my shop:

The Secret Life of Bees," Peruvian Fingering Weight yarn

"Go, Go, USA!" Peruvian Fingering Weight Yarn

"Go, Go, USA!" Superwash Blend Fingering Weight Yarn

"Double Potions with Snape," Superwash Blend Fingering Weight Yarn

I really love the "Secret Life of Bees" colorway. I wanted to dye up some immediately after I finished the book. I really recommend that you guys read it this summer if you have the time. I really like the texture of the peruvian wool. It's earthy. Almost like home-spun yarn.

My life has been super-busy lately. My relatives from out-of-town just left yesterday, and I am trying to get things in life, my jobs (note the plurality), my stress, and also my designing. I had to change the design a little (story of my life, right?), so I am now working full-force on it again. The pattern is pretty simple. I'll be writing it up tonight if I can, while also knitting up as much as I can tonight as Joe gets back from Iowa. Thank God for TV series right? How else will I pass the time knitting for so many hours? You know Liz, this would have been easier to design had I had the yarn when I was leaving Iowa. Time wouldn't have been so sparse.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Food for thought.

It's finally up...and there are only 3 more slots left! (lol.)
I swear, I was planning on doing this club before I even got into buffy.
(However, it does make things all the more exciting now...since I'm even more in the mood.)
I bought a few really nice recipe books at Borders several days ago, and decided to try out some "Unleavened Lavish," or what a grocery store would call an "Everything Cracker." What strikes me intersting is that it's a little pricey in the stores, yet it is really quick and easy, and requires barely any ingrediants. Plus, it's really tasty. Of course, you know me. I can't follow any instructions without modifying of the many reasons why I only really design and don't use (already painstakingly written out) patterns. I added a few things to give it that extra kick of flavor.

Knitting update soon. I'm sorry...I've just been so busy with out-of-town relatives, family parties and working my arse off to be more intersting at the moment. Sock preview coming up soon.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Love affair

It pleases me greatly that I have finally gotten the hang of spinning by the second go. I approached the roving differently this time: take less. "Less is more." Isn't that what we are told all the time anyways? What I got was a thinner, and very consistantly-even strand, because I would pull the fibers easier...and there was less to pull.
The strands give off this faux-double-ply look, because when I pull the fiber, the color seperates and gets twisted with the white that didn't get dyed in the middle of the fiber.
So, ok. This is how I'm spending my time while I wait patiently for sockyarn in a club I have to design for. I have the general jist of the pattern already in my mind...but I'll have to see the colors and method used to dyeing them up. I might just have to change the design on a whim.
It's best to do a lot of your drafting first, before you spin. That way, you can enjoy the pleasant ease and soft noise of spinning. It's almost like taking time out to "smell the roses," but not.

Club stuff: Everyone should have received their "Gatsby" packages by now (maybe not if you're in Switzerland!). I'm so relieve that you all loved everything! If you want to "lurk," look HERE. Also, I've gotten some requests to "extend" their membership. If you would like that, email me. I can set up a special item for you. I will be putting up the next month's book-sock club in about a week. It will be "Dracula," and there are only 8 spots left already.