Saturday, March 31, 2007

Scrumptiously soft & wonderfully real

Storytime! That Trip to the LYS:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, ok. Today was a pleasant, warm and breezy Saturday.

Me and my fioncé biked to Starbucks, and decided to bike to the LYS that's about a 10ish minute (uphill!!) bike from his apartment. Yeah, i'm out of biking shape, but that wasn't entirely the problem.

Anyways, we finally make it to the knitting shop, and it starts to drizzle, ever so slightly. oh crap. We walk in the shop, and the lady running the shop tells me that she is actually closed, but if I needed something fast, I could get it. So, I told her my intentions with the tanktop-- that I need some cottony green yarn, and something with the texture of lacey yarn. That took a little while. Prices were steep, so I chose something with the most bang for the buck. So, I grabbed two 100g skeins of Cascade Yarns: Sierra (80% prima cotton & 20% merino wool) and finally foud some (unfortunately darker) "Misty Alpaca" yarn (100% baby alpaca).
$23 dollars later (OUCH!! poor college student), we left...... it was.....POURING OUT!! (with lightening). Yeah, oh crap.

It was definately pouring.... and flooding. We biked as hard as we could to his apartment. Luckily, it was mostly all down hill by that point. However, the rain was sooo cold!
Soaked to the bone for at least 8 minutes by now, with the chilly wind, it starts to HAIL! By this point I was screaming at the sting on the face from the hail, the cold from the soaking wet clothing, rain flooding the streets, and the lightening nearby.
We finally get home, dripping wet as we walk in. The water just drains from our clothing. I finally (after some labor) got my sopping clothing off of me, and hit the hot shower. I'm just praying that we don't get sick.

The Moral of the story: There is nothing wrong with going to the LYS in April. However, there is something wrong with your noggin' if you think a perfectly beautiful day won't turn on you in a blink. You better bring a car next time...not a bike! lol. ;)

Hopefully I bought enough yarn for the tank-top, and I don't get sick in a day or two. My lungs still burn a little hour later.

Progress, or So She Thought...

P.S-- the pale purple yarn likes to not look nice and even while knitted on larger needles. I'm not thaaaat bad at knitting.

This is going to take forever. It's a shame I didn't work on size 13's. The yarn likes to shrink back...

Oh well, I got a lot of novelty to use up...

Friday, March 30, 2007

Branches and Leaves

So, ok. We all know I can't draw worth beans, but here is my newest idea for a beautiful tank-top. There will be lacey ruffles on the bottom, and for the loose (slightly cowl) neckline.
The middle branches will have leaves, while the sandwiching branches will be bare.
I'm not sure what kind of yarn I will use for this project, but I definately have most of the pattern written out already.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So Sad.

EDIT: i've deleted my frustrations, bumm-ness, and venting of how my sweater could have been cooler if I just added the stinkin' extra things to my sweater. This will make me more convinced to make my next entry better. Way better. Watch out.

"The Throw of Many Novelties"

~The Throw of Many Novelties~
A simple, fun and most deliciously soft throw for your chair or bed

*Progress pics:

^^^the length of size "small" ^^^

-350-500 grams of different (but close width in strand) novelty skeins
-Size 11 or 13 (US) Circular needle -29'' or larger, if you can.
-Darning needle


1. Cast on 120 (small), 140 (medium), 160 (large), 200 (blanket long) stitches
2. Pick out the order that you want the stripes to be
3. Knit 50-100 grams per stripe (as seen in about 50 grams stripes= a little over an inch
4. Knit until you are satisfied with the height of the "throw."
5. Add fringes with left over yarn to spice it up!

Amoré Tanktop (KUAS Original Pattern)

*Design by Anna Peck
This free pattern has been removed 10/17/12. It may or may not return, but if it does, it will be tweaked and pdf’ed and available for an inexpensive $1.99 price.

Yarn: 1 Skein of TLC Amoré- 170 g, color: Red Velvet (3907)
Gauge: 4 st= 1’’; 7.5 rows (St St) = 1’’
Needles: 7US straights & circulars (24'') and 4US straights (only for strap)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

$5 in Paris

Je Presente: $5 in Paris!

You can where it down..... or up!

Info here:

Upon the completion of the knitting challenge, I will write up the pattern for you all!

p.s- I prefer it down. It's more chic that way ;)

Shorties Pattern (KUAS Original Pattern)

Designed by Anna Peck
This free pattern has been removed 10/17/12. It may or may not return, but if it does, it will be tweaked and pdf’ed and available for an inexpensive $1.99 price.

These fingerless are great for all those who want instant gratification. Because they are not appropriate for winter, they are the perfect accessory for a nice spring day. These knit up so fast, you'll want to use up your whole stash of novelty yarn, and hand them out to your friends.

Materials:Yarn: Novelty yarn: around 85-100 grams/ 50-100 yds (seen in NOBO yarn)
Needes: size 6 US Double Pointed Needles, 1 Stitch Holder, 1 Darning Needle

Unique Basketweave Washcloth (KUAS Original Pattern)

Updated 7/20/12:  Errata in red.
*Designed by Anna Peck
Pattern PDF


This pattern is all about revamping something classic: a basket-weave stitch. You'll find this washcloth to be delightful to knit up because of its small & large boxes interwoven together and it’s reversible!
Level: Easy

Yarn: approx. 60-70 yds (or 60g) of a worsted weight Cotton yarn (Lily's Sugar 'N Cream Yarn used in pattern)
Needles: Size 6US straight needles, 1 darning needle & crochet needle "I" or smaller
Gauge: 5.5 sts & 8 rows=1'' Cloth measurements: 7 3/4'' wide & approx. 8'' tall

Pattern Abbreviations: k=knit p=purl CO=cast on BO=bind off sts=stitches


WASHCLOTH DIRECTIONS:CO 35 sts onto straight needles using your preferred cast-on method.

1. Seed stitch (*k1,p1,k1*) for 5 rows.
2. Follow the "Basketweave Pattern" instructions 1-12 three times, plus rows 1-4.
3. Seed-stitch 5 more rows.
4. BO loosely. Block, if necessary.
5. Optional crocheted loop at edge: Don't cut the yarn after binding off. Use the working yarn to single crochet a loop measuring 2'' at the corning of the washcloth. Fold the loop & secure with a knot.
6. Weave in any ends.

The Basketweave Pattern:

Rows 1 & 3: K1,p1,k1, *p5,k3* until last 8 sts; p5, k1,p1,k1.
Rows 2 & 4: K1,p1,k1, *k5, p3* until last 8 sts; k6,p1,k1.

Row 5: K1, p1, k1, knit straight across the row until the last 3sts; k1,p1,k1.
Rows 6, 8, 10: K1,p1,k1, *p5,k3* until last 8 sts; p5,k1,p1,k1.
Rows 7, 9, 11: K1,p1,k1, *k5,p3* until last 8 sts; k6,p1,k1.
Row 12: K1, p1, k1, purl straight across the row until the last 3sts; k1,p1,k1.

Do not copy or sell this pattern or its finished products. This free knitting pattern was distributed by Anna Peck at: and If you have any questions or concerns, use the comment page below, or email me at:

Monday, March 26, 2007

Under $5

Well, my entry for the knitting challenge is complete. I present, "Under $5!" This summery sweater was supposed to have other cool options, like buttons and straps to life up the sleeves and bottom ribbing a bit with sewed on snaps, but I decided against it, so that I can wear it off the shoulders as well. I'll save those for a summery sweater that doesn't have ribbing on the bottom. Then it could be more "convertable."

It looks better on a person. I'll try it on tomorrow and take some more pics for you all.

*I will write up the pattern once the challenge is over this month. You gotta wait patiently for a week and a half. I will also add a few more free patterns, since I'm bummed that no one wants to participate in the "free patterns for charity knits" organization. So, i'm just gonna post the patterns on my blog, and hope that you still knit for charity, nonetheless. :) Oh, don't go looking for the link to the charity knits.... it's ... gone, now that i'm posting my patterns.

Here are some progress pics. I didn't really take much this time. Amazing, huh? Me not taking so many progress pics. Somethings definately wrong with that concept! ; )

And this brown number is the new fake-a-gamo, which will have awesome fake leather (textured vinal) on the top. The fake leather will also be used for handles. Don't forget the silky liner!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Rose Shrug (KUAS Original Pattern)

Designed by Anna Peck
Note: this free pattern has been removed 10/17/12.

Materials:Needles: Size 10 ½ (US) Straights
Yarn: 1 1/2 (?) skeins of "Bernat Softee Chunky" --seen in Anitque Rose
*Or use any Worsted weight
Tape Measurer
Matching thread to the yarn,
Darning needle
1-2 Shiny, or unique looking Button

Guage: 4sts=1''

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This is my first "Berry" collection from my "wedding fundraiser" that I am starting. All of the knitted products won't be sold until summer.
The "Berry Collection" will consist of:
Red= rasberries Blue=blueberries Black=blackberries

I am also knitting a lot more of a different kind of clutch, that will have a leathery vinal top.
I think All of my knitted bags will have my mark on them by all having silky liners. I'm soo exited. I have this teal silky fabric that is soo delicious! I just want to sleep in that fabric!

Monday, March 12, 2007

FREE Pattern Links!!!

Hey Everyone,
This is the compiled list of random patterns that I took off of my sidebar to free up space. Because i'm a pretty organized person, they are all categorized by kind. Enjoy. :)
Yours Truly,

Try not to "look down"'re a little high up. ;)

Twinkle's Tuxedo Jacket
Buttony Sweater
Sindead Turtleneck
Sybellia Pullover
Argyle Pullover
Pilar Sweater
Tracy Sweater
Tierra Sweater
Olivia Sweater



March Basic Cardi
March Decorative

Melody Shrug
Mell Shrug

Summer Shawlette
3 Shawls
Ruffles and Ridges

Maple Summer Sweater
Cedar Tank
Celia Tank
Lippitt Tank
City Lights Tank
Helena Tank
Badia Tank
Jiff Cabled Tube Top

Black Lacey Socks
Wavey sock w/out pic
Jaywalker Socks
Bayerische Socks
Baudelaire Socks
Blueberry Waffle Socks
Butterfly Bows Socks
Fishnet Stockings
Juani's Braided Socks
Sexy Loita Stockings
Mini Waffle
Mock Cable Socks
Awesome Simple Cables!
Summer Socks
Men's Pine Tree Socks
Pomatomus Socks
Toes Up
Tangled Garden Socks
Twist and Shout Socks
Wyvern Woman Socks
Yukon Leaves
Widdershins Socks
Valentine's Socks
Twisted Socks
Thuja Socks
Thermal Socks
Texture and Lace Socks
Rainy Day Socks!
Shimmer Socks
Tweeds Socks

Twinkle's Feather Scarf
Dad's Sharfik
Shifting Sands Scarf!
Dream Swatch Wrap
Persephone Cabled Scarf
Asherton Reversable

Entrelec Hat
Le Slouch
Natty ensemble
Odessa Hat
Black Sea Hat
Chemo Hat #3
Asherton Hat
Karma Hat
Claudia Hat
Stipped Stitch Hat
Swirl Hat
New York Hat

Eunny's Endpaper Mitts
Chunky Weight Mitts

Ipod Cozy
Victoria Umbrella

Brea Bag
Tacy Bag
Talisman Bag
Tioreg Bag!
Tadako Bag
Pignoli Bag
Val Bag
Bronx Bag
Layla Bag
Lali Clutch
Lorraine aka fako-of-the-fako bag
Melody Bag
Vibe Felted Tote
Louisa Bag
Knitting Tote
Thalia (felted)

Baby Socks and Booties:

Ugg Baby Booties!
North Country Socks
Super Quick Socks
Mouse Booties
Sideways up socks
more socks
tube socks
Joy's Booties
Plain and Blue

Baby Hats:
Ugg Baby Hat!
becky's hat
baby hat
Cute Newborn Hat!

Baby Mittens:
Super Quick Mitts
cabled eyelet!!
elegant and simple
garter and ruffles

Baby Sweaters, Cardigans and Vests:
Cabled Zip-up Vest
Baby Raglan Cardi
Aunt B’s Cardi
Cute Patootie
Fran's Hood
Linda's Sweater
Joy's Jacket

Baby Bibs:
simple garter

Baby Dipers:
Diaper Covers

Animal Cloth Patterns:
Butterfly Cloth
Dragonfly Cloth
Her Cloth
His Cloth
Sheep Cloth
Dog Cloth
Elephant Cloth
Cow Cloth
Pig Cloth
Dolphin Cloth
Turtle Cloth
Embossed Turtle
Paw Print Cloth
Moose or Elk Cloth
Cat Cloth
Duck Cloth
Frog Cloth
Horse Cloth
Rooster Cloth
Turkey Cloth

Plant, Land & Water Cloths:
Flower Cloth
Pine Tree
Mountains of Molehills
Light House Cloth
Anchor Cloth
Logcabin Cloth

Food Related Cloths:
Watermelon Sliced
Wine Cloth
Wine Glass Cloth
Martini Cloth
Tea Cup Cloth
Apple Cloth
Pear Cloth

Misc. Cloth Patterns:
Unique Basket Weave
Slipstitch Cloth
Gingham Stitch
Patchwork cloth
Hot Pad
Zodiac Symbols
Alien Cloth
Teddy Bear
Skull & Crossbones
Musical Notes Cloth
Star Cloth
Granny's Patchwork Cloth
Infamous Darrekk Waltrip
Bee Stitch Border Cloth
Different States Cloth
Doily Cloth

Holiday Cloths:
Nine-O-Hearts Cloth
Shamrock Cloth
Three Crosses Cloth
LOVE cloth
Candy Corn Cloth

Cabled Cloth Patterns:
Embossed Hearts Cloth
Intertwined Cloth

Lacey Cloth Patterns
Lace Heart Cloth
Awesome Lacey Heart Cloth
Garterlac Cloth
Collande Lace Cloth
Bon-bons Lace Cloth
Dayflower Lace Cloth
Diamond Lace Cloth
Fountain Lace Cloth
Papillon Lace Cloth
Parallelograms Lace Cloth
Twin Leaf Lace Cloth
Traveling Vine Lace Cloth!
Small Arrow Lace Cloth

Friday, March 09, 2007

Scrooged! (knitting on the cheap)

Ok, well this month, I have high hopes for my entry in March's Knitting Challenge on Craftster.
I can't give away too much information, because I want it to be a surprise, but its going to be AMAZING! (well, for being a sweater novice still) The colors are scrumptious, even more so since it was cheap! You can not use more than 10 dollars worth of materials total! That's why simply soft is out for ya!

Give me one week, and it should be done, modeled by my tiny friend, and ready to be posted on the challenge forum!

Let the count-down begin!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

FO: "Sculptor's Song Raglan"

I am so proud of this raglan! It was my first one, and turned out! I hope my mom loves it! One thing I wish I did was knit it with Simply Soft, if I was to still keep it cheap. I'm not loving the scratchy neck, but the sweater is beautiful!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I'm already in the process of making another raglan. This time it is for me, and it will be way cooler, even if it doesn't have cables! I'm knitting it for this month's knitting challenge: knitting in the cheap, or a.k.a "scrooged." I don't want to spoil to fun, so you all have to wait until it's done!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Although I can't draw worth beans, This is my new idea for a tubetop. Because I wasn't blessed with fullness of the chest, i've decided that red ribbon would work perfectly, plus add an extra flair. Although the drawing doesn't look like much, the cabled design is called "snake charmer," a heart-like design. There will be ribbing on the top and on the bottom. Probably the same measurement in inches. The rest of the Tube top will be stockinette. I got this idea from the Jiffy tubetop. On the sidebar, there is a link to that free pattern. They used a horseshoe pattern for the cable design. What do you think?

I've already Formulated the whole pattern. This is such a simple knit! :-) I love it! I'm planning on using Amoré yarn on size 8 US circ's.

Friday, March 02, 2007


I'll post more pictures tomorrow! Don't you love those cables!!! <3>