Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fun Halloween knitting party.

I enjoyed some knitter time with a few other folks at the Knitting Halloween Party yesterday evening. We even chatted past the ending time! It was a small group, but we had fun posting pinterest holiday drinks and outfit photos, our knitting wishlist projects, our current projects and more!

Congrats to these gals for winning 1 or more KUAS patterns! I handed out 6 patterns!:
Sarah B.
Jenna D.
Kathleen W.

I haven't podcasted in a while, so here's something that I uploaded to the party:
Post by Anna Maliszewski.

Should I do a Christmas or New Year one? It was fun with 3 or 4 people, but I think we can do a lot better :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

KUAS Pattern: Lovely Cords

Good news! The I-Cord necklace has a name: Lovely Cords!

I  was able to scrounge up enough time to add it to the KUAS Designs Ravelry shop. It's a quick and easy project, so it's only listed for $1.99!

Lovely Cords is a fusion of knitting and beading. The hardware that is put at the back of the necklace really makes the project pop and gives it a more professional, finished look. Don’t be surprised if people ask you were you bought this necklace.

Yarn: Approx. 40-45 yds of Louisa Harding’s Thalia (or any ribbon yarn in a semi-bulky weight with a recommended needle size of US11) Pattern seen in “Eggplant.”

Wonder knitter tool:  with a 3-pin dial piece.
(You can knit the I-cord using double-pointed needles [dpns])
Optional: two size US 10.5dpns

Jewelry Hardware & Tools:
Two flat-nose pliers,  two 6’’ lengths of  7-strand beading wire (.45mm), 2 large cone beads (the bigger the better), 2 bead spacers, 4 bead crimps, three jump rings,  two 4.5’’ lengths of metal jewelry chain, 1 clasp, and a decorative flower with a twist-tie glued onto the back.

Try to get all of the beading materials in the same metallic shade.
Will you be one of people who will win a KUAS pattern tonight at the online  Halloween Knitting PARTY at7pm (CT)? 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reminder: Halloween Knitting Party on Facebook THIS MONDAY!

Have you RSVP'd yet? Say "YES" here and join us for a great cyber party.

 There will be GIVEAWAYS all hour long, so you better get over there quick and vote on your top 5 patterns!

Bring some photos of your work and some drinks/food that you are "bringing" (or pretending to bring) to the party.

I'll see ya later! I've got a Halloween group piano lesson to give, and then I see Theresa Caputo Live tonight! Squee!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

FO: I-Cord Necklace

I'm just going to spend a couple of minutes chatting about this necklace before taking off again. I've got a very busy weekend to get ready for.

I finished the Wonder Knitter I-Cord necklace that I spoke of the other day. It's a fusion of knitware and hardware (beading materials in the back).

I just have one problem: I don't know what to name it. I can't just leave it generic. If you'd like to help me out, write a comment of a fitting name for this and you could win the pattern.
You could use plain old dpns to knit up the I-cord, but I chose to use a fancy "Wonder Knitter" tool that helps make I-cord knit up faster. I used bead crimps, bead cones, bead spacers, wire and chain to complete the back. I plan on doing some photo tutorials for the hardware part in the pattern.
I used this beautiful Louisa Harding Thalia yarn in Eggplant that I've saving for a couple of years. I love, love the added texture that the yarn gives to the I-cord. I only really used about 40 yards or less.
I would have loved to pose for you, but I only was able to get these shots during good light, but when it's on a human, the scarf hangs a little lower and the hardware starts about at the shoulder. I'll take some new shots when I publish the pattern.

But for now, what shall we name her?

Monday, October 20, 2014

WIP: I-Cord Necklace

You don't mind me posting again today, do you? I don't want to give anyone a cardiac arrest or something from the shock.
I've casted on for the offical I-cord necklace project that I have in mind. I'm so excited to see how this is "knitting" up. Yes, I'm one of those knitters who feel the need to quote "knitting" when it comes to "loom knitting." 

This yarn is wonderful. Like I said in the previous post, I've been saving this $12.50 skein of yarn (don't worry, bought it on sale!) for a rainy day. There are only 98 yards to the skein, so it was meant to be a small project. For me.

It's an interesting sort of fiber blend:
52% polyamide, 24% acrylic, 12% mohair, 6% wool.

Yarn: Louisa Harding's Thalia in Eggplant
 Suggested needles: US11
Store: Loopy Yarns in Chicago

I have taken the liberty of posting a parade of photos of this yarn because it's so photogenic. It's gorgeous. I love how the natural fibers poke out of the knit yarn. It even shimmers. :)

This one is so interesting. I love seeing how you can see how the loose fibers are sew together to create this texture.
Sorry, are you "hungry" now? :)
Don't forget to RSVP to  the Halloween Knitting Party on Facebook 10/27!

New Knitting Toy: a Wonder Knitter

This is a Wonder Knitter. It is a fancy I-cord maker that is relative to loom knitting. I've had this toy for several months now, but this is my first time using it.

I've had intentions of making different objects out of an I-cord, primarily a type of necklace or two, but I have to admit that there's also a wee-bit of interest in seeing if this device is any faster than making an I-cord the old fashioned way (two dpns).

You can find a YouTube tutorial on how to cast-on this loom (it's a little confusing the first round), but the rest is the same technique. I've been experimenting with turning the dial using my left hand thumb while "knitting" simultaneously to make things fun faster.
This is the dial with the three pins. The set comes with two dials (3 pins and 6 pins). I do not care for the dial with three pins for the sport yarn weight that I chose. The dial with 6 pins have pins spaced a smidgen closer, so maybe that will be a better choice if you choose to go light on yarn weight.

I have a infinity necklace/scarf project in mind for this Wonder Knitter with another type of yarn that I've been saving for a rainy day, although unfortunately while looking for a tutorial on how to cast-on for this loom I found that the necklace idea is not unique. :(  I'll try to jazz it up differently. Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Woolies emerge

It's that time again: the cozy woolies emerge from a long hibernation during the warm months.

It's a cold reminder of how freezing last winter was, and how much I should have been knitting new woolies during the past few months knowing that this winter could be just as bad. Or worse.

Remember that entire winter last year (and I'm not talking about YOU, southern states and countries... lucky ducks), walking outside and cursing under your breath because it felt inhaling daggers down your throat? You know, the winter that kept the snow on the ground the entire three months and was nearly -25 degrees F the whole time? The one that was bad enough that we had to drip water so that the pipes wouldn't freeze and burst? Yeah, repressed that a bit, didn't you?

Well, fall is in full bloom, but winter is coming, and my knitter's instinct is kicking in: "Crap! Hurry up, I'm late to the winter-knitting game!"

Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying strutting around in my fox thermal shirt while wearing my "Frozen River Slouch" and "Double Looped Scarf" while trying to forget that the temperature may drop so low tonight that my tomato garden might not recover tomorrow.

What's your favorite go-to knit that you have made in the past?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Knitting Party!

One of my favorite authors hosts cyber book parties on Facebook every time she releases a new book, and they are big hits. You post photos of what you are "wearing" to the party, what you are "bringing" or "drinking" (and these are in quotes because a lot of people post things from Pinterest because they are photogenic!), and she will give away books every so many minutes while people chat. It's fun! 

I'm not really releasing anything (although possibly the Baby Monster Hat from the last post), but I thought it would be fun to throw a knitter's Halloween party in the same fashion! I plan to give away 5 patterns at random (that you actually can vote on right now in the event page)! So join the KUAS group and RSVP to the event HERE and let's celebrate! 

Date: Mon, Oct. 27th 
Time: 7pm-8pm (Central Time)
What to bring: photos and things to chat about!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Itty Bitty Monster Hat

I have a friend who just gave birth to her second son. In the spirit of the Halloween season, I wanted to make her baby a wee monster hat.

(I think it came out a little kookier than I anticipated.)
It started off conservative. I improvised a basic hat shape that began with a crochet edge method for a nice clean look. I planned from the beginning that I wanted monster eyes. So I learned (or re-learned) how to crochet in a circle. I decided to do double crochet.
Then, honestly, things got a little carried away. First there was the crazy and whimsical i-cord mouth, then the silly teeth, and then a ball full of hair on top.
It's mighty silly. I wonder if it's a little over-the-top for a newborn to sport.  Even around Halloween? It might be a little more toddler-oriented. What do you think? Should I make another and dial it back?

Monday, October 06, 2014

5 Halloween Piano Solos (to please any Ghoul)

I am running a GIVEAWAY contest for you late-elementary to intermediate level pianists out there! I am publishing this e-book that will be released in the middle of this month. Meanwhile, on Facebook, if you write about you favorite Halloween memory as a child, you can be chosen to win this book! Spooktacular!

Contest deadline: October 10th at midnight (CT)
Contest winner chosen on entry page: October 11th.

If you don't play yourself, enter to win for a friend, family member, or music teacher. :)

Pieces include:
1. The Goblin Trot
2. Halloween Moons
3. Haunted Mansion (#1 seller)
4. Ghostly Chills
5. Spooky Town (#2 seller)