Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fo: Regia "Summer Nights" Socks

My Regia socks are off the needles and are perfect for the chillier nights in the house. This colorway is so wonderful, I'm going to have to say that these are my new favorite knitted socks!
 Who doesn't love instant colorwork?

Pattern: plain vanilla socks with an aftertought heel
Yarn: 2 skeins of Regia's Design Line yarn by Arne & Carlos in the "Summer Nights" colorway
Needles: US 1 (2.25mm)
Started: March 17th, 2017 (I've been very casually working on this)
Completed: October 9th, 2017 
Notes: toe-up method, 64 sts, 1x1 ribbing, 6'' leg and foot (US 7.5 womens)

 I used the afterthought heel method, that is like knitting two sets of toes per sock. It's a great sock method, if you are ever feeling a need for a change, or you don't want to break up your colorwork (in my case).
This makes me want to plunge down the rabbit hole and do some real colorwork mittens! I will start with Tin Can Knit's Strange Brew sweater formula and create a white/red Christmas sweater. Then maybe Shelbu mittens?
 Have you tried any of Regia's "Design Line" yarns? If so, what's your favorite one?
Have a great week everyone. Another podcast is coming your way in a few days. Stay tuned.

Monday, October 16, 2017

New Release! The Roundabout Shawlette!

Here's the third and final KUAS Designs release for October (can you hear me huff out of breath?):

the Roundabout Shawlette PDF

A shawlette is a smaller-scale shawl that resembles a scarf. This shawlette is quick and easy, with a clean I-cord edge and pretty lace border that is conveniently knit on one side of the shawlette. If you take care to block the lace edging out after you finish, the edging should resemble roundabout road paths.

Skill: intermediate

Yarn: Less than 375yds or 150g of sport weight wool yarn.  Note: Solid or tonal colorways will look best. For blocking purposes, use a blend with real fibers.
Pattern seen using Knitpicks’ Hawthorn Sport Multi Yarn in “Arbor Lodge” and “The Pearl.” Needles: US 6 (4 mm) straight or circular needles and a darning needle.
Notions: 2 st makers, 150+ Blocking pins, a blocking mat, 1-2 oz of no-rinse wool wash & a towel

Gauge and measurements:
Garter stitches: 20 sts= 4’’ 39 rows= 4’’
Prior to blocking: 53.5’’ long and 7.25’’ at widest point
After blocking: 78’’ long and 8’’ wide at the widest main body section; Roundabout lace edging width: 2.25’’ wide

This blue one marks my third time knitting this shawlette! Let's just say I did my fair share of test knitting it, along with other test knitters the past month or so!

Let's take a look into the past:
(the one that started them all, but had a crochet edging around the lace)
 I will be giving away these two beauts tomorrow to the person who I gave #1 to (she commissioned me to knit two more since she loved hers so much). So I photographed them as much as I could as they will later be out of my hands. I should think they look rather cozy next to eachother, no?
I find that the lace pattern is simple, yet mesmorizing in it's own way.
The sunlight can catch all of those beautiful eyelets surrounding the main garter roundabout section in just the right way.
Which color would you choose for this shawlette? 
I look forward to my next pattern writing endeavors (mittens? hat?). Until next time, happy knitting. Another podcast is coming your way soon.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

New Release! Beacon Hill Mittens!

My Beacon Hill Mittens have just been released on Ravelry this afternoon, and I am stoked to share this one with the knitting world. The texture is so lovely! This photo was taken on the Boston Tea Party Harbor, in case you were wondering. If you look at my KUAS Podcasts: Episode 10, there's a slideshow of Boston at the end.

Beacon Hill Mittens PDF

15% off now until 10/15 on both Beacon Hill Patterns! No coupon needed!
Beacon Hill Mittens  are a quick and easy pattern that is knit seamlessly from the cuff to fingertips. You will find that the Beacon Hill St pattern can be easily memorized within a couple of repeats!
This pattern was inspired by a 19th century Boston Gilded Age mystery series by P.B Ryan that I absolutely adore.

There are complete mitten charts and written out instructions for your convenience.

Pattern Notes:
Sizes: S(M)(L)
20cm(21.5cm)(23cm) hand circumference while worn.

Yarn: Size S: less than 165 yds/80g of worsted weight wool (recommended: Malabrigo Rios Yarn); Size M: less than 175 yds/85g of yarn; Size L: less than 185yds/90g of yarn.
Needles: set of five dpns, or one 32’’ circular needles:
       Small: US 6 (4mm)
       Medium: US 6 (4mm) and US 7 (5mm)
       Large: US 6 (4mm) and US 8 (4.5mm)
Notions: darning needle, 1 BOR m, 1 thumb m
Stockinette Gauge Swatch
       US 6—21 sts and 29 rds= 4’’
       US 7—20 sts and 28 rds= 4’’
       US 8—19 sts and 27 rds= 4’’

Ribbed Cuff (all sizes): 6.5cm wide flat; Fits up to a 19cm diameter wrist – lower/raise needle size to adjust width
Small: 8.5cm wide flat; Fits up to 20cm circumference hand; 25.5cm long Medium: 9cm wide flat; Fits up to 21.5cm circumference hand; 26cm long Large: 9.5cm wide flat; fits up to 23cm circumference hand; 27cm long

It was such a pleasure knitting this up in Malabrigo Rios yarn. It was was so smooth and buttery, compared to the wool I have been knitting with lately.

 Here's size large. I plan on lining this with fleece, as it's very spacious.
Pair it with the Beacon Hill Infinity Scarf and you have yourself a wonderful ensemble!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

KUAS PODCASTS: episode 10- I want your sweater Sven!

Upload attempt #2! Youtube uploaded the podcast so slowly, that eventually my computer restarted and erased the progress! Whoops. 

Here's my podcast from yesterday, and it is JAM-PACKED with FO'S and WIPs!

All music, video and photos are all copyrighted 2017 by Anna Maliszewski.
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Pumpkin spice "Flax Light" Sweater by Tin Can Knits
"Roundabout Shawlette" #2 by KUAS Designs-- will be released 10/16!
"Beacon Hill Mitts" by KUAS Designs-- will be released by 10/16
"Beacon Hill Infinity Scarf" by KUAS Designs--just released!
Regia (Arne & Carlos Design Line) Afterthought Heel Socks--no pattern

"Sven Scandinavian" by Cottage Creations
"Roundabout Shawlette" #3 by KUAS Designs
"Beacon Hill Mitts" -burgandy one
Fall cardigan- no pattern, just improvising
Prism cowl- no pattern, just improvising

Boston photo slideshow after the podcast.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

NEW! Beacon Hill Infinity Scarf

I'm pleased to introduce the first of three KUAS patterns released in October!

Beacon Hill Infinity Scarf (Pattern PDF Download)
This Beacon Hill Infinity Scarf is a quick and easy pattern with a seamless construction. You will find that you can memorize the stitch texture within a couple of repeats!

Inspiration for this scarf came from P.B Ryan’s Gilded Age Boston mystery book series that I adore, that centers around the infamous Beacon Hill area. The garter st reminds me of the uneven cobblestone ground, and the hill-like texture is for all of the hills and row houses that make up Beacon Hill.

BEACON HILL MITTS will become available for purchase by the 2nd week of October. There will be also a scarf & mitt bundle available for $5.99. See the last photo for mitten preview.

Skill Level: late beginner

Yarn: less than 320yds or 200g of a lighter weight bulky yarn (pattern seen in Mirasol Yarn Miski, 100% Baby Llama fiber in shade 107). An alpaca wool blend is a nice substitute.
Needles: size US 9 straight or circular needles, or size to meet the gauge
Notions: blocking pins, blocking mat, no- rinse wool wash, darning needle, waste yarn

18sts and 28 rows= 4’’ in the main body texture

Measurements: 50’’- 55’’ circumference and 9’’ wide after blocking

Abbreviations and Special Stitches:
CO= cast on K= knit P=purl St(s)= stitch(es) RS= right side WS=wrong side BO=bind off RH= right hand Sl= slip st (purl-wise) WYF: with yarn in front. This strand will loosely wrap around 5 sts. KWNUS (k with needle under strand): insert RH needle under the loose strand, wrap and k the next st, so that the loose strand is now behind that k st. See picture tutorial on last page.

Pattern Notes:
The infinity scarf is k flat, using an invisible CO method so that both ends of the scarf are grafted together after the blocking process. There will always be a Garter St (knit only) border of 5 sts on the right and left side of the scarf, which is already included in the written pattern and on the chart. For a cleaner edge, sl the first st of every row purl-wise.

If you are using synthetic fiber, skip the blocking phase. Instead, k the scarf to approx. 50-55,’’ cut the yarn, leaving a 20’’ tail, and continue to the Kitchener St sewing instructions.

The infinity scarf is long enough that you loop it twice around your neck. If you wish for a quicker project, feel free to knit half the length (25’’ or so inches long).
 These last couple of photos were actually taken at the infamous Acorn Street on Beacon Hill this past weekend! Our Boston trip was AMAZING! We were there Friday through Sunday to celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary!
Can you see the inspiration in color, name and tent-like picture on the cover? Yes, I AM a big geek! It's a wonderful series, try it out if you are at all interested in the 1800's Boston (Gilded Age romance mystery).
 The matching mitten set is coming out in a few days! Stay tuned. You can purchase it seperately, or as a bundle with the scarf.

FO: Flax Light Sweater

It's been a while since I've posted here.

Too long.

I've been posting so heavily on Instagram and Facebook that I have forgotten to post here!

That's going to change. I have a few FO's to share, as well as three--yes, three new designs that will be published VERY soon!

First, I will start off with one of my first FOs, The Flax Light Sweater.

Needles: size US 3 and 6
Started: September 1st, 2016    Completed September 19th, 2017

But first, let's start back at the beginning (a year ago!) so you can see it develop:
I used a tubular cast on method in hopes that the neckline would be stretchy and professional looking.
Yeah, not so stretchy on my end. Something to work on...
I've been bringing this bad boy everywhere.
On walks to the garden/forest preserves,
knitting at the pool,
and of course, lots of home knitting sessions while watching Netflix.

I love it.
I finished right before my Boston trip, and wore it on a chilly misty day in New England!
This is not my most flattering of FO pictures, but this was after walking all day long in the rain, cold, while being utterly exhausted. We are right in front of the Revere statue in the North End.

I get so many compliments on this sweater already. It's such a wonderful pattern, and looks amazing in this colorway. LOVE.