Friday, October 31, 2008

On Hallow's Eve

Yesterday, I casted on for a tunic that has been floating around in my head for over a year. I've seen a lot of knitwear around in the stores lately, and caught on to one of their stylish ideas on collars that I decided that would look great on this knit.
I've completed the waist shaping, and I am now venturing into the chest shaping (which is really just simple increases until I'm satisfied with the width). The piece is also a few inches away from the arm shaping...which will be interesting, considering that I'm really going to "wing" the whole decreasing for the collar simultaneously.
The tunic will have a purled-side look, compete with pockets and a wide buttoned collar.
Today is Halloween, and I dressed up (to scare the crud of the kiddies) as a "corpse bride."
Can you believe that I made the entire costume from scratch? Yeah, that means my hacking away at the sewing machine. It actually fit, which was pretty neat...and I kept telling myself that it doesn't need to be a pretty sew job. It was just going to be shredded anyways at the bottom. I made two layers, one that was velvety (gosh, someone should have warned me that the edges of that material will not lay flat! Holy moley!), also shredded on the bottom, and the satiny skirt, tied by the blue ribbon that actually matched the blue ribbon on my satin flowers. Neat, huh?Sir William Bones and I are now happily married. We'll send you more lovely photos when we get back from our graveyard honeymoon. *OWWWW--OOOOOO!!!! OW OW OW-OOOOO!!!*

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn Rush

I hope all of the KUAS members had a great October. I really tried to spoil them this month! They got three skeins of KUAS yarn, 3 paterns and some goodies!
The theme for the October club was "Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Aszkaban." I subtly tried to incorporate the movie into the club with inspiration from the Hogsmead scene. Hermione had that one cabled hat & glove ensemble...and I tried to do my own thing that's bold, yet real quick & easy. It's a rib between snaking cables. The pattern would stand out a lot more on a solid, or semi-solid colorway, but is still pretty neat-looking on this month's colorway, "Scarecrow" (another inspiration from the movie--Fall. It reminds me of Hagrid's pumpkin patch and crows cawing.
The fingerless gloves are another quick & easy knit. It's knit on worsted weight yarn, and then cables are smaller. I just love how the cables snake around the thumb. The patten is a mirror-image between the hands.
I gave them the choice to knit up ribbing on the bottom. The cap doesn't roll one bit, some I know that some people prefer it. I say, if you have a smaller head, you might want the extra tightness. Otherwise, if you like loose-fitting hats (that still stay on while you run--I tried it), skip the ribbing.
Another project from the club is my "Traveler's pouch." It's a little quirky knit that I picture wizards using in Zonko's shop. It's the little things in life that make it all fun.

News: I got a new camera (yay!) and a new haircut! Pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Harvest Bowls

Ever since the felted clogs, I started to get in the mood for all sorts of felted projects. My latest felted project, "mystery knit #1" is called "Harvest Bowls." If you look close up, you'll notice that not only is there a variety of sizes, but they are all uniquely shaped. The middle-sized bowl actually looks a lot like a pot, since it widens at the top. They all serve their own purpose, which is to be filled with Fall goodness & to wait patiently for the next greedy hand to pass it's way.

Pattern: KUAS' "Harvest Bowls"
Yarn: Knitpick's Telemark in perisimmon
Needles: size 8 US & 10.5 US
WIP: Oct. 13th-Oct. 20th, 2008 (worked on it real dilegently, didn't I?)

They are all a 2-needle construction & knit entirely in garter stitch. I made two different leaves for the bowls, but my favorite is definitely the oak leaf. I was just free-knitting the poor bugger, and it turned out quite close to the actual leaf shape. Happiness.

I initially put them all in the wash, but scowled when I saw that my garter stitch did not felt at all. That's a *slap forehead, garter stitch gets real loose in water.* Picture me, with thick gloves & a sink filled entirely of steaming-hot water, vigoriously agitating the wool by hand. For nearly 15 minutes. Yeah. I was sweating bullets. But it was worth it. Aren't they so cute & festive? The big bowl can be modified to be thicker though. It didn't turn out as solid as I thought it would be. Lesson for next time: for the biggest bowl, use 2 strands of wool & stockinette. Not garter. Then I can fill 'er up with a whole ton of apples. Rocket-science, huh?
I've got the patterns written out on different sticky notes (I've gotta stop doing that!). Now I just need to type them up, so I can maybe put them up on my shop.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

Did you see...did you see? I'm in today's Lime & Violet's "Daily Chum" news. Squee!

What's on the needles lately?

1. Joe's 2x2 rib Hawkeye socks (you know, gotta knit them up before he graduates. In December.)

2. Grandpa's "(Go Bears!) Sports Pillow." My grandpa is not doing well after his serious heart-surgery, and it's all because he can't walk. It's a slippery-slope. He can't walk, now he has bed-sores, now he has a bladder infection, and so on & so forth. He loves the Bears, and I'm going to knit him up a quick & easy (you know me, all about the quick & easy knits) pillow.

3. Mystery knit #1 put on hold for a sec. (Mystery knit #2 still not casted-on. Hopefully I'll get to it soon, because you'll all love the pattern. ;) It's going to be awesome!)

4. Bottom-up raglan definetely put on hold. Mr. Scarecrow wanted to hold the sock for a bit. I had to walk away after he started pestering me for some mitts.

I'm off to do some more walk/jogging. If anyone lives in the Chicagoland area (specifically in Lake County), we are meeting at a coffeeshop on Wednesday 10/22 at 7:15pm. Email-me if you wanna come be part of our group.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Once upon a time, in a time of brisk air and leaves with lush colors, a girl walked about the sidewalks of an old neighborhood. It was her day off, and a good walk & jog suited her well. This was a time when trees started to drop their leaves and leave some of the brightest, and most beautiful fruit left on the branches. The girl wondered to herself if anyone could ever be immune to the beauty of this season, for to her, no such thing is possible. So she jogged about, while watching the leaves fall gently like rain.
She later made friends with a woodland critter: Mr. Squirrel, who she learned had already been collecting his acorns for the upcoming cold season. Time was ticking, and the girl curtsied before jogging away after parted with a friendly "Au revoir."
She followed the stairs up through some more sidewalks, and continued on her journey.
One the way, some bright yellow, green and light orange trees swayed gently as the morning light poured through the cracks and spaces in their leaves. Other golden trees danced, one hand clenching another.
...until the path home became evident. It was time to go home.
...and to continue working on her "mystery" knits.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The thick, wonderful aroma of Fall

The chilly air. The thick woodsy aroma of burnt leaves and an apple-pie cooling on the ledge. Yes, a warm and delicious homebaked apple-pie with all its parts made from scratch. That's the glory of Fall. Simple connotations of it, perhaps. With a piping-hot mug of cider, it's hard to do anything but sit back and enjoy the steamy brew cupped in your hands while staring in awe at God's sweet creation. Fall is my favorite time of the year. It's a time of harvest, a time to renew your senses...and finally a time to crack at some knits. Above, the presentation of my "Spiced Pumpkin Latte" lace-weight yarn that was shipped out. I've got some more bare superwash sockyarn shoved stored in my closet...and I hope to do more of the coffee colorways soon. Anyone interested in some "Spiced Pumpkin Latte" in sockyarn, or should I just plunge right in to my "Mocha" colorway?

An apple-pie that I made entirely from scratch, made with various apples picked from the "Apple Holler" in WI. Making crust is not worth it, and I'll definitely buy the pre-made crusts from the store...thank you very much.
Oh, and the pie sitting on the ledge is more like being devoured, not "cooling." It was surprisingly scrumptious for being made by a pie-newbie like me. Eh, maybe you just can't screw up apple-pie in general.
Mystery knit #1:
Mystery knit #2:
I have finished designing the knits for the Oct '08 KUAS club. yay. All I have to do is finish writing up the patterns, fiddle with the skeins & packaging and then send them off! They are almost done, guys! Pictures of the knits will be uploaded once they get their packages.

Stay tuned this week for more about these mystery knits!
In the meantime, have you seen my new free pattern out? I even put it up on Ravelry too.

'Night. *This lady now needs some serious sleep pronto, as knitting too much and working mornings (and some evenings) 6 days a week is starting to take a toll.*

Friday, October 10, 2008

"I went to a rubberband fight, and a wedding broke out!"

I came back safe and sound from my (long) weekend trip from MN. Remember that 3 hour detour to pick up Joe from Iowa City? Try a 4 hour detour. At least. This is my all-time favorite picture now. It's a picture of a picture, so bare with me...but it sums up my family-to-be very well. I'm thinking of using the portion with me and Joe to use as our "save-the-date" magnets. It will say something like "get ready for another Mal wedding. It's on." lol. (His last name is Maliszewski-long, I's great to weed out telemarketers-so we just use "Mal.") The wedding party. Mostly people I didn't know.Our beautiful hotel. Embassy Suites. The family was so drunk and rowdy during the "post-party" (you know, shooting rubberbands and talking rather loudly in their room), that I swore the security lady was going to "escort" the lot out of the hotel. Permanently. She was a real nice lady. *cough* And so I finally went to the "Mall of America." I didn't even know that it was located in MN until I was in the state. What a wonderful surprise. While the bride and the whole party busied themselves getting ready and making last-minute scurries...Joe, myself and his mom went shopping in the world's (almost) largest Mall in America. A frickin' theme park in the center of the mall. Crazy. Most importantly...several Caribou Coffees! Now, if you're an avid reader of this blog, you would (or should) know for certain that I am a true 'bou fan. No other mocha is like it. Lego Land!Grr.Who the heck is this guy? I was taking pictures of Lego Land, and he was looking at me and waving like "please-pretty-please take my picture." So, I obliged. Ha.
Like a kid in a toy store. Oh, wait. He is a kid in a toy store. *funny* Actually, that Starwars thing he was looking at was marked down for the generous price of "only 200 dollars." What a deal. Seriously. *choke*
Now this was neat! There is so much going on. Can you see the tiny squares?
What about now? Pretty sweet. I have no idea how people do things like this. It just amazes me.

Joe brought up a good point at the end of our "Mall of America" experience. Isn't a broken-down escalator just a "staircase?" Obviously, the "Mall of America" is a summation of American culture. Lazy. As the "Mall of America" says: a broken-down escalator is too hazardous to our health...and we should just take the elevator instead to get to the nearest fast-food restaurant.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The "Dummy Clap" Shawl (KUAS original pattern)

Good morning, everyone! Here is the first set of exciting news coming up...I have completely revised my second most popular free pattern, the "Dummy Clap Shawl" pattern AND video tutorial, and it still being offered for free by yours truly. Lucky ducks.

The 2015 Revised "Dummy Clap Shawl" Pattern

This pattern was originally inspired by the infamous “Clapoltis” shawl that has diagonal laddering of dropped stitches. It’s a fabulous pattern, but is a little instructionally-intimidating, so in 2008 I came up with a mock-up pattern with a similar effect. The laddering doesn’t slant on a diagonal, but this pattern has minimal instructions with a close-to-same look with instructions so easy you can practically knit it hanging from a tree upside-down while munching on pizza in the dark. If that’s your thing.

Yarn used: Caron Simply Soft Heather
: Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi) 
5sts and 6row=1''
: US10 straight or circular
: approx 500yds
Blocked dimensions: 25x55 (you can choose your own width & length though)

BO3=bind off 3 sts
CO1=cast on 1 st
PSSO=pass 2nd st over
RS=right side of work

Stockinette stitch: Knit across on the right side, purl across the wrong side of work.

Pattern published and copyrighted 2008-2015 by Anna Maliszewski.
This pattern was given to you for free by Anna Maliszewski at Do not reproduce to sell this pattern or it's finished products. If you have any questions, email me at:

Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Last Minute Shawl."

This week has flown by. I guess, however, that it's a good thing though. I get to see Joe again.
In the last post, I mentioned that I was in Iowa City all last weekend for the game. Well, it's under a week and I'm driving back up there again...this time by myself. After I pick up Joe (and enjoy the city a bit again with a nice Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand), we will "swing by" St. Paul, MN, to go to his cousin's wedding. Yup, the same evening.

TOMORROW: exactly one year from my own wedding! :)
It's a bit chilly out lately (or have you not noticed, lol.). That's great news for me, being an avid Fall-weather lover and all. The few functional dresses that I could wear to the wedding are waiting to be folded and packed, and screamed to have something warmer put over my shoulders, it being like 60 degrees and all. So, I knit my "last minute shawl" to go over my pink and black dress that I will most definitely wear Saturday.

Pattern: "The Dummy Clap" Shawl (KUAS Original)
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft (475 yds)
Needles: Size 10 US
Dimensions:26x65 inches

I was planning on doing a crochet boarder around the shawl, but it is last minute, and I say "nay" to any more frumpy work that won't matter in the end. It's already pretty neat to look at, and can easily be worn as a scarf later on. It reminds me of the clapoltis, but with less work. Ha. It has a pretty good stretch to it, and I should hope that it will keep me a little warmer during the ceremony or reception.

What's next? I am in the process of working on my October club kits and have some pre-felting knits on the needles right now. All new patterns, postings and etsy updates: next week.