Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just one of those mornings.

Sunday should be a day of relaxation.... a day to take your mind off of things.
Not today, I guess.

My pre-existing frustrating morning was followed by disappointment in something I was working on last night with paint (the white paint dried clear...I guess I should have read the label right when I bought the bottle), and the death of TWO of my Brittany bamboo needles, not to mention not being able to find the third needle, of the size 2 US dpn set. I sat on one last night, and apparently this morning...I must have forgotten to take it off my bed and slept with it.
I'm really, really sad about the needles. They were good to me, and they are my most used needles... I had to put another sock on stitch holders so I could use something to continue working on the sockclub sock. My dilemma, besides the fact that if I should be paying another $7.50 for a set of should be because I'm "adding" to the collection, not "replacing," is that I bought those at the Midwest Fiber-fair over the summer...and I don't know which store holds these. I don't want the clover bamboo needles, like the LYS holds here. Ach! Me and my stupid big bum! Snapping needles two different times in under 24 hours is some sort of record when your not knitting with them.


polinium said...

Crazy Girl Yarn Shop, The Knitting Shop, Ben Franklin's and Michael's all carry Britanny's.

Also, depending on how long you're willing to wait, you can always e-mail the company to let them know that your needles broke, they have a warranty and will replace needles. They've sent me more than one replacement...

KnittingHawkeye said...

The sex kitten looks like that because of the silk content. It causes a twist look and I like it. I used a lot of dye for it. so blah. How's the pattern btw? need it really soon.