Monday, April 07, 2008

Marianne (up on Etsy now!)

"Marianne." No, "Amelie." No, "Marianne." "Amelie." "Marianne." I think I strained a brain muscle. That was a hard one. I really was torn between the spontaneous and corky nature of the "Amelie" idea and that of the head-band and button looking "Marianne." But, I rest my case. It's "Marianne."

Congrats to Erica! You get a free pattern of my latest O.D, "Marianne."


I'm off to continue working on my second short-story, called "The Legend of the Fortune Cookie Trio." Sound intriguing, no? It's not quite as funny as it sounds...believe me. If there are any Lost lovers out there, you'll be the first to realize that I was inspired by Hugo's character, using powerful numbers to win the lottery...and what the consequences entitles.

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Erica said...

Yeah!!!!! Thanks Anna :) I have a lonely skein of Malabrigo just waiting for a pattern like that :)