Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rainy Days

I just love rainy days. I especially love those cool misty days too, like today, where you just know that you're make-up doesn't stand a chance but you don't care because it's just so damn refreshing. Maybe I really should just move to London. I love the whole "I've got nothing better to do put put on pjs, curl up with a blanket and chill with the needles (or a book) and sip on some hot cocoa" feeling. It's great. This is what makes life great. I do like sunny days, but I also appreciated when the dim-lit skies and water-works happens. Ah.


I've been wearing my "Marianne" hat, since it has been a little chilly, and I normally don't say this about myself...but I felt pretty darn cute! Since my recent hair cut, my shorter wavy hair works well with the hat, and I love seeing the layers flip out around the sides of the seed stitch band. I have another idea for a new type of hat band...why do ideas always come so late? It's almost summer. (Well, by this rate...maybe not!) I've even been wearing my hat during classes, because it matched my outfit today.

I've put up the afghan again, and started working a couple more rounds. I need to get cracking on this WIP, don't I? I also recieved the yarn for the sockclub a few days ago, and am In the process of formulating another pattern....not to mention the shrug too. All I have to do this week-end is really study for my Prehistory exam, and work on these WIPs.

I've been meaning to post about "miracle-grow." Now, you have to understand me. I would rather work with organic soil, and enjoy not having to worry about chemicals and such, but I have killed a cactus before. I've killed a cactus. People then ask me, "how did you possibly manage to kill a cactus plant?" It's simple. There was a drought.

Hopefully you now understand that I did not inherit the green-thumb jeans from my dad. I don't want to sit around for a month wondering why I can't get the simple germination proceedure down right. So, I took the help where I could. It took a full week to germinate. On the first day upon sprouting, the morning produced one seedling, and than at night, 3. The second day: bing-badda-boom! There were 6 full seedlings, and several arched over, waiting for the stem to grow higher so it can full pop out of the soil. Day three: holy cow! There was a small population of tall seedlings. Day four: looks almost like in the picture, just a half an inch shorter. Can you believe it? They weren't kidding when they called it "miracle grow." Right now, you're looking at cilantro (the blank side was supposed to be mint) and the lilacs in the other pot aren't doing so hot. Maybe it takes some more time.

Call me the biggest nerd ever, but when I was in 8th grade, I was really into the Sailor Moon series. Now, I found out that they have all of the episodes up on youtube, and I've been seriously plowing through the episodes because there's no commercials, you can fast-forward through the theme song, and it's a trip down memory lane. Don't get me wrong, I do see the corniness of the show. I just missed a whole bunch of episodes and would finally like to close the gaps a little bit.

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CassieMarie said...

Sailor Moon!
My best friend and I would get together on school days at 7:30 am just to watch it- hahah!