Sunday, March 08, 2009

What? Like YOU don't knit for giants??


Mommy Dearest's birthday is just a couple of days away, so I'm in high-gear for knitting up her present. (You'll have to realize that Mommy Dearest isn't a big fan of wearing the knittables[scandalous, I know], so when I found out that she loved the pair of Fiber Trends' felted clogs I made a while back for myself, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make her a pair of her own.) She likes the naturals, beige & brown, so that's exactly what she'll get.


WIP info:
Started: March 7th 2009
Pattern: Fiber Trends' Felted Clogs (AC-33)
Yarn: Patton's Classic Wool: 2 skeins in beige, 2 skeins in brown
Needles: Size 13 US circs, plus extra circs for later instructions
Clog Size: Average 8 women's


Here is a picture of another project that I started a couple of weeks ago, but have put it on hold since I have a bunch of little knits to take care of first. I'll give more info on it later. All I'll tell you is that it will be fabulous and is a modification of an awesome pattern. ;) I'm sure someone already recognizes what it is. Those people probably has made one themselves too.

Other than that, I've been aweful quiet lately because not only am I charity knitting, but I've been working getting my health insurance finalized, I've recently added a few more piano students (now 13-14 students!) and I've also been working on all sorts of wedding stuff: the guest list, the wedding party, figuring out the catering food choices, honeymoon shopping (It will probably be Oahu) through Travelocity, and searching & for places to live in 5-6 months. Selling has slowed down so much, so I'm hoping that not only will the prices stay low (or lower even more...sorry sellers), but that the places that I really loved are still there. There are a couple of cute townhouse/condos out there that I've fallen in love with for various reasons. Joe comes home this weekend, and our familys plan do the money talk (yikes) over dinner, and Joe and I should start talking about the minute things that need to be taken care of next week: the official wedding party list, the more official wedding list, guest list, vendors & such. Michaels finally has brown invitation choices this season. I might just go with that & spruce it up since I'm having a hard time finding the right scrapbook paper for my theme. I'll be hanging out with the girls this Thursday. Maybe I'll ask them if they wanna go veil-shopping next week. Almost 6.75 months left. :) I can't wait!

Next post: charity knits I've been slowly working on.


Rachel said...

Congrats on getting more students! I'm a private music teacher too, and it's nice once you've got a full load.

Are you really honeymooning on Oahu? Cool! I was born there! Tell the island hello for me, lol!

CassieMarie said...

Lovely projects, can't wait to see them finished!
Also, I hope things are going well with you even with being so busy!! I love it when I get just busy enough where I get a crapload done but am not too stressed out. :) Are you working on anything fun for the wedding?