Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something's Brewing


Now that the Carnival socks are done, I have made it my goal to work on at least 1 KUAS pattern a day, free or for sale, to update it, make them all look uniform, sweep for any typos missed, clarify if need-be, turn the free ones into pdfs, link the pdfs to my blog & Ravelry, etc. It's a arduous process, and I'll probably be bald by the time I'm done, but it will be worth it. No patterns that have not been updated recently will be for sale, so you'll see on my sidebar that there's only 2 patterns up there.



It's been a gloriously sunny day. I decided to whip out a FO that was completed maybe a year ago and has never found its way into this blog. It was a design for one of the clubs I did a long time ago. I named it "Sunrays Socks," due to the sunrayish lace pattern that I fiddled around with, and the snake-like cables planted along the back. I really think that they should be longer socks, to look better...but what's done is done. I recently took a picture of it because the Word document and the few original photos taken were deleted along with other various patterns and things that I had on my desktop during the "Great Disaster" back several months ago with my external hardrive failing on me...while I was trying to delete everything off of my desktop in preparation to reset the dang thing. I never did reset it...and I never did get back the lost things. Luckily, a lot of my pics weren't all deleted yet, and I had some copies of pictures on Photobucket & Flickr, as well as some documents saved through email.
It was a disaster, I tell ya.


Ending on a good note....I have a new blog! It's:, and it's purely devoted to all of my patterns, free & for sale. I used Wordpress serviced mainly because I could upload the pdfs to that sight. Go take a look-see if you have time. There's a button on my sidebar for easy access to it. It's still in the beginning stages, so don't expect too much, but I have most of the pictures up that will have their proper pattern linked to them with PDFs. That's right, I said it. All patterns will now have pdfs. So, hopefully you'll see changes everyday (or every other day) if my 1 pattern per day thing becomes a reality. I already have 3 or 4 patterns updated. However, this blog will always be running. I have to ramble about my WIP's and designs still. lol.

(However, I expect this weekend to be slow with improvements. I'm planning on visiting my guy this weekend in Iowa! Squee!!! I asked one of the AV workers at the library to take my Sunday, so after my morning Friday shift, it's off to Iowa it go. Hei-HO! Hei-Ho!)
P.S- read "Wesley the Owl" if you're a bookworm. It's a great book, and it made me laugh & cry!
P.P.S- If you've been around for a while on this blog, I think I'm officially starting my Lana Lang -inspired sweater I talked about (maybe years) ago. Ha ha.


Bobbi said...

Love the new sunny socks! I hope it's a free pattern - hint hint!

Rachel said...

Love the look on your other blog, and kudos for you for wanting to get everything cleaned up! I've got patterns that I worked on two years ago, and never finished writing up!

Lydia said...

Those yellow socks are fabulous! I do hope you work up a pattern for them fairly soon. I love the cables on the heel flap... although I suppose that means I'd actually have to knit a heel flap instead of a short row heel... I guess it would be worth it. :)