Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clogs & Logs

Yes, these clogs got spoiled rotten. Two nights in a row did they enjoy a hot and vigorous bubble bath. They even got to tumble a little bit in the dryer again as well. Lucky buggers.
They are now what I could only guess a size 8 US Women's. Unfortunately, I don't think this clog can slim anymore around "the waist," but hey, real clogs have "curves." This isn't Hollywood. My Aunt Charlene is one of those people who order Christmas gifts through one of those huge catalogues. You'll never know what you'll get next with every coming year. My father received a shoe-dryer last year, and has only occasionally (rarely, shh!) used it on his shoes after he exercises. But, low-and-behold! They were amazing for drying these clogs. The device has 4 hoses (yes, that's two whopping hoses per clog), and the temperature is adjustable. Yippy for me and my new felting thing.

I'm a 5-day-a-week AV shelver at my library and recently have messed up my knee (which can't heal because I work on it every day [oh, a sick-sad-cyle]) because my job is the bend down and put things away (and straighten) all day long. Well, ok...only 4 hours a day...but hey! It takes a toll. I think I was bending down in a squat too roughly, because now my knee is achy and needs to crack all the time, and just feels really messed up. I have a flexible brace on it now, and I hope it works, but I was wondering if anyone else had this knee-cap problem too. Any advise?
I'll leave you now with this mystery object, worked on "logs" (Size 50 US needles. Yeah, I'm totally serious. A baby tree, right?). What ever shall it be?
Stay tuned.


Fry said...

What size needles are those x.x.

Rosie said...

Oh yes, I definitely have a knee cap problem. I've dislocated both patellas twice. Lovely.
Braces are a good idea, but so is exercising the knee. The best thing I ever did was go to physical therapy and do a lot of pliometric exercises like squats and lunges and such.

Good luck! Feel better.

Bobbi said...

Love the clogs! They're cute and just my size!
Have you thought about glucosamine for the crackly knee?

Alyssa said...

Love the cloggs!

Those are the biggest needles I've seen!

Ilix said...

Great looking clogs.... I have to knit up a few more pairs for the season coming up.... peeps need warm feets! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love those clogs - so cute!