Monday, October 13, 2008

The thick, wonderful aroma of Fall

The chilly air. The thick woodsy aroma of burnt leaves and an apple-pie cooling on the ledge. Yes, a warm and delicious homebaked apple-pie with all its parts made from scratch. That's the glory of Fall. Simple connotations of it, perhaps. With a piping-hot mug of cider, it's hard to do anything but sit back and enjoy the steamy brew cupped in your hands while staring in awe at God's sweet creation. Fall is my favorite time of the year. It's a time of harvest, a time to renew your senses...and finally a time to crack at some knits. Above, the presentation of my "Spiced Pumpkin Latte" lace-weight yarn that was shipped out. I've got some more bare superwash sockyarn shoved stored in my closet...and I hope to do more of the coffee colorways soon. Anyone interested in some "Spiced Pumpkin Latte" in sockyarn, or should I just plunge right in to my "Mocha" colorway?

An apple-pie that I made entirely from scratch, made with various apples picked from the "Apple Holler" in WI. Making crust is not worth it, and I'll definitely buy the pre-made crusts from the store...thank you very much.
Oh, and the pie sitting on the ledge is more like being devoured, not "cooling." It was surprisingly scrumptious for being made by a pie-newbie like me. Eh, maybe you just can't screw up apple-pie in general.
Mystery knit #1:
Mystery knit #2:
I have finished designing the knits for the Oct '08 KUAS club. yay. All I have to do is finish writing up the patterns, fiddle with the skeins & packaging and then send them off! They are almost done, guys! Pictures of the knits will be uploaded once they get their packages.

Stay tuned this week for more about these mystery knits!
In the meantime, have you seen my new free pattern out? I even put it up on Ravelry too.

'Night. *This lady now needs some serious sleep pronto, as knitting too much and working mornings (and some evenings) 6 days a week is starting to take a toll.*


Sarah said...

I'm absolutely interested in Spiced Pumpkin Latte!

Fry said...

Oh man. I made an apple pie for the first time over the weekend as well. I used this '' tutorial.

It came out awesome.

And as for pie crust... The homemade one has a better quality then the store bought, but it is a pain in the butt.

Rachel said...

Ooo, that sounds like a yummy colorway - I love anything pumpkin looking!

I agree with you about the pie crust thing. I make pies ahead of time and freeze them, and I've fooled everyone who's had them into thinking they're homemade.