Saturday, October 18, 2008


Once upon a time, in a time of brisk air and leaves with lush colors, a girl walked about the sidewalks of an old neighborhood. It was her day off, and a good walk & jog suited her well. This was a time when trees started to drop their leaves and leave some of the brightest, and most beautiful fruit left on the branches. The girl wondered to herself if anyone could ever be immune to the beauty of this season, for to her, no such thing is possible. So she jogged about, while watching the leaves fall gently like rain.
She later made friends with a woodland critter: Mr. Squirrel, who she learned had already been collecting his acorns for the upcoming cold season. Time was ticking, and the girl curtsied before jogging away after parted with a friendly "Au revoir."
She followed the stairs up through some more sidewalks, and continued on her journey.
One the way, some bright yellow, green and light orange trees swayed gently as the morning light poured through the cracks and spaces in their leaves. Other golden trees danced, one hand clenching another.
...until the path home became evident. It was time to go home.
...and to continue working on her "mystery" knits.

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