Friday, October 10, 2008

"I went to a rubberband fight, and a wedding broke out!"

I came back safe and sound from my (long) weekend trip from MN. Remember that 3 hour detour to pick up Joe from Iowa City? Try a 4 hour detour. At least. This is my all-time favorite picture now. It's a picture of a picture, so bare with me...but it sums up my family-to-be very well. I'm thinking of using the portion with me and Joe to use as our "save-the-date" magnets. It will say something like "get ready for another Mal wedding. It's on." lol. (His last name is Maliszewski-long, I's great to weed out telemarketers-so we just use "Mal.") The wedding party. Mostly people I didn't know.Our beautiful hotel. Embassy Suites. The family was so drunk and rowdy during the "post-party" (you know, shooting rubberbands and talking rather loudly in their room), that I swore the security lady was going to "escort" the lot out of the hotel. Permanently. She was a real nice lady. *cough* And so I finally went to the "Mall of America." I didn't even know that it was located in MN until I was in the state. What a wonderful surprise. While the bride and the whole party busied themselves getting ready and making last-minute scurries...Joe, myself and his mom went shopping in the world's (almost) largest Mall in America. A frickin' theme park in the center of the mall. Crazy. Most importantly...several Caribou Coffees! Now, if you're an avid reader of this blog, you would (or should) know for certain that I am a true 'bou fan. No other mocha is like it. Lego Land!Grr.Who the heck is this guy? I was taking pictures of Lego Land, and he was looking at me and waving like "please-pretty-please take my picture." So, I obliged. Ha.
Like a kid in a toy store. Oh, wait. He is a kid in a toy store. *funny* Actually, that Starwars thing he was looking at was marked down for the generous price of "only 200 dollars." What a deal. Seriously. *choke*
Now this was neat! There is so much going on. Can you see the tiny squares?
What about now? Pretty sweet. I have no idea how people do things like this. It just amazes me.

Joe brought up a good point at the end of our "Mall of America" experience. Isn't a broken-down escalator just a "staircase?" Obviously, the "Mall of America" is a summation of American culture. Lazy. As the "Mall of America" says: a broken-down escalator is too hazardous to our health...and we should just take the elevator instead to get to the nearest fast-food restaurant.


Anonymous said...

We actually did take another escalator TO get to a fast food place after seeing that...irony? Good pix Lil Missus!

Chelsea said...

Caribou Coffee is ubiquitous up here. There is one about 4 blocks, 1.5 miles, and probably 3 miles from my place. When I was last at MOA I think I saw at least 4. I am not complaining, though I do miss Java House.

Bobbi said...

What a great time! You and Joe are so cute. I love the legoland shots - how cool! Although, after reading, I want some coffee. Heh!

Laural said...

Great pictures! I love the rubber band action shot.