Monday, October 20, 2008

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

Did you see...did you see? I'm in today's Lime & Violet's "Daily Chum" news. Squee!

What's on the needles lately?

1. Joe's 2x2 rib Hawkeye socks (you know, gotta knit them up before he graduates. In December.)

2. Grandpa's "(Go Bears!) Sports Pillow." My grandpa is not doing well after his serious heart-surgery, and it's all because he can't walk. It's a slippery-slope. He can't walk, now he has bed-sores, now he has a bladder infection, and so on & so forth. He loves the Bears, and I'm going to knit him up a quick & easy (you know me, all about the quick & easy knits) pillow.

3. Mystery knit #1 put on hold for a sec. (Mystery knit #2 still not casted-on. Hopefully I'll get to it soon, because you'll all love the pattern. ;) It's going to be awesome!)

4. Bottom-up raglan definetely put on hold. Mr. Scarecrow wanted to hold the sock for a bit. I had to walk away after he started pestering me for some mitts.

I'm off to do some more walk/jogging. If anyone lives in the Chicagoland area (specifically in Lake County), we are meeting at a coffeeshop on Wednesday 10/22 at 7:15pm. Email-me if you wanna come be part of our group.


Awesome Mom said...

Neat! Congratulations.

Fry said...

That would be awesome.
I live in Palatine, which is right on the Cook/Lake border.

But, I'm busy this week and next. Maybe next time!

Alyssa said...

Congrats!! I remember when they reviewed my etsy shop. I squeed all damn day!!! Enjoy it!!!