Monday, June 25, 2007

Save the Date

~*~September 19th, 2009~*~
....Only two million years to go! I feel like i'm in frickin wedding *Limbo.*
So ok, I HAD to go to Michael's. I was commissioned to knit a jester hat for someone at church, because they work at the Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. After I got their 8 colors of 100% cotton yarn, I made my way through the scrapbook aisle, in search for something for my wedding. I found "Once Upon A Time" paper that was discontinued. I loved it soo much! Isn't it gorgeous?? However, I only have 3 sheets, and the idea that I had for it would ruin the integrity of the paper. I decided that my theme colors are going to be a garden. I'm using brown for the background of the paper, pink center with a slightly larger green background behind the pink. My tables will have green and pink flowers. That's as far as I got! lol.
So, I decided to do hearts for my "save the date" magnets that i'm making. This way, the item still retains the nature beauty of the paper.
I found this awesome stencil that I will not only use on translucent paper, but for my "Save the date" magnets. I will have a brown background with a green painted/airbrushed stencil, and the heart will be somehow glued just like that to the stencil. I'll figure out a outliner for the heart later. our information will be written outside of the stenciled part.
I just love intricate details. Each heart is unique. Of course, I still have to cut the hearts out a little better later. It will come out quite nicely when I get more supplies. It doesn't look like too much to the outsider, but it looks great in the completed form in my mind!

...ok, an a more knitting note!

I'm officially a beta tester for Ravelry! yay!
I've added a few WIP and stashing to the site. Sorry about the crappy pic. I didn't know how else to take a snap-shot, besides using my camera.... and cameras & monitors don't mix!

Upcoming: Working on the Jester hat from Knitwhits. Deadline: July 5th!

********************************************************************************** P.S- If you haven't gone on recently, I just wrote up the pattern for "Joe's Office Socks" below. ***********************************************************************************


Laural said...

I love that paper! I bought a book of the smaller sized paper for my sister the scrap booker. I love your save the date idea and the colors you have picked!

Michele said...

You can do a print screen og the wbe page you are viewing.

KnittingHawkeye said...

when did you sign up?

Ilix said...

You have such great plans!!! I can't wait to see what you get done! BTW you spun it!!!!! YAY way to go.... what are you going to use it for?

KnittingHawkeye said...

hmm so are those invitations or just mind storming? hahaha I'll probably still be here at Iowa when you get married. . . .I'll skip a day of class for you =P


Start looking at dresses =P I wanna see what you have in mind. I actually see you in a strapless, rather plain white gown with a gorgeous veil, maybe lace. . . . you could knit it up =P
hair partially down with some light curls
yup. . . I can't believe I'm imagining this oy! and yesterday we were freshmen in Currier. . . how time flies

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Save the date magnets.... you know, before the invites go out. I haven't even looked at dresses. I wouldnt do strapless... um, they would fall of me, giving everyone a boobshow! maybe down and (real) curly hair with long veil. no knits.

Joe once told me that he's glad i'm a sensible knitter. I wouldnt try kntting anything dumb like a wedding gown. lol. that's too.... country....