Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good things come in pairs.

Hey Everyone!
Although some might have thought that I would give up one these size 1 + fingeringweght combo, but I didn't. There was no way a skein so beautiful was going to collect dust bunnies. Not on my turf! I weaved in the last thread, and grabbed my "knitting in the tiny" diploma and got that camera the heck out! Here's my shots:

And good things do come in pairs. The proof is in the pudding, er.... on the foot.
"Arctic Socks"
Yarn: Lana Grossa (80% virgin wool & 20% polyamide)-75g of 100g
Needles: Size 1's
Cast-on amount: 64 stitches

MAIL CALL!! "Here's the mail it never fails... it makes me wanna wag my tail... when my knitting package comes I wanna wail.... MAIL!!!" You're looking at three skeins of 840 yards of pure lace weight goodness.... In white.... Ready to be dyed. (I'm sure you knew that was coming!) And no Liz, i'm not on drugs.

Although the bag of lettuce has seen better days, the salad I had was just too pretty to dig into just yet, until I took a picture. And yes, that is fruit in the salad. Trust me, it's good.
Rasberry Walnut Salad:
1. Put a glass salad bowl in the freezer for at least several minutes.
2.Take it out, put a nice handful or two of iceberg salad on your plate.
3. Throw some rasberries (and cherries, if you want to. I did, but you don't have to.)
4. Sprinkle walnuts all over your salad. The more the merrier, my taste buds says.
5. Spray Wishbone's Rasberry salad spritzer all over your salad. Don't be shy, it's only 1 calorie a spray!
6. Voila! Feast yourself to some healthy goodness for lunch!

What's going on tomorrow: I need to start working on Baby knitting for my pregnant friend tomorrow. I'll be working up a raglan pattern, then a bib (sometime), and more booties (at a later time).

Joke of the moment: After being depressed Monday (complicated reason), I came to the conclusion that I was going to write a book. Yeah. Believe me, the funny part isn't that my blog doesn't show my "creative" and more "sophisticated" writing, it was that I thought for several hours that I could commit to a book. I would love to write a knitting mystery series, like Maggie Stefton, but then the book would really sound the same... I would get sued. Then I thought, hey, you're good at the Fantasy genre, you should do that. However, if I can't think ahead while playing chess, would I really be good about planning ahead for characters, the plot and such? Then I thought, ok, well, children's books are simple enough...maybe you could do that...

There really is no ending to this book-writing rambling. However, feel free to laugh. I can't even commit to a diary for more than a couple of days.
However, If I do ever write a book, and it's good, use the code: "amused" for a discount price.

And I do realize it's 1:30am right now.


DAWN said...

Like your socks and that salad really does look good. Way to get your fruits and veggies all in one. That dressing is good, I've had it before.

Cass said...

The socks look GREAT!!!

Laural said...

The socks look great! I'll definitely be trying the salad!

Anonymous said...

What colors r u planning on for the new scanes? I hope to c u writing soon!!!!!! The socks look great! I know how much work they were.
- Guy-Raoul

KnittingHawkeye said...

omg. . . .I am in shock!!!!!! hehehehehe anyways, goodluck dying the yarn. What are you planning on making with it?
$95 worth of Kona fingering weight yarn is on it's way here
I'll dye you any colourway you want for socks. Just tell me & I'll do it. =) <3

KnittingHawkeye said...

btw, the socks look great

KnittingHawkeye said...

ahhh so you like Melanie's yarn eh? I have 2 skeins of hers.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about NaNoWriMo? That's NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth.
Check it out to find out if you have more than just a passing interest in writing. No cost except maybe some of your knitting time.

It's a great experience - even if you don't finish. Especially if you have a local group to join.