Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wooly Dyes this Weekend

Needless to say, I just used up my 4 skeins of fingering yarn that I got Friday! However, I'm soo excited to show you guys the finished products of my sock yarn from this weekend!!! I even made labels for them, with the yarn information in the inside of the tag. I made heart labels now. I didn't like the tag sticking out.

Go go "Gryffindor!"
Yeah, below is another skein that looks similar to this, but it's different. The little pink streaks here and there is from it not properly soaking up the color. Oh well,... it doesn't really phase me. After I knit up the socks, I can hand paint it redder in those patches.
I can't wait to knit these babies up while watching the movies. *sigh* I still have to do the tanktop too, amid all the other knits going on!

The label suggests otherwise, but it should be named "Earthen."

On the top is my "Lagoon" yarn. Let's see... there is green, a more paleish green, neon yellow-green and a pretty blue! On the bottom is my "Flamin' Hot!" yarn! Now you can see the difference between the pink & orange-red. There's also yellow in it.

I just made a sock-along.... since most of those are closed!

It's called
"Sockatility"... you know, versatility of socks!Just like the HP KAL, email me if you wanna join! Go check it out. :)


KnittingHawkeye said...

Interesting. . .
no we went to the Shedd & hung out at Navy Pier the entire day
it was really fun and gorgeous out =)

Anonymous said...

Awesome yarns n' color blends!! Can't wait to see whats going to come from them, considering they are already so cool to look at :0
Hope to see more soon!