Friday, June 29, 2007

Sneak Peak at Some "Dryin' Dyin'"

I was really intrigued by the magnificence of yesterday's sunset. Although my sucky digital camera (cheap then, & out of date now...) could never capture the true beauty and colorway of the sky, I'm hoping you can just get a tiny glimpse of the beauty our earth holds when you stop for a few minutes to enjoy the setting of the sun. (OK, well I'm a night owl, so this has to count for my "sunrise" experience too... lol.)
Just looking at my blinds, you can see the pink

shinning through. It's all about the little things in life, isn't it... that makes everything feeling alright at the end of the day? I was so bummed that my camera couldn't catch all of the other colors in the sky, and the rich deep hue that it would have been in the picture. *sigh,* oh well.

It's always exciting to get your yarn in the mail!
4 delicious skeins of 100% merino in fingering weight (ah, yes...self, that would be the correct button to push online, wouldn't it?!)
Um, well, two skeins are still white! ha ha.

You're looking at from left to right, "Lagoon" and "Flamin' Hot."
There really are 3 different colors on each, but it's really hard to see that in the picture.
They are just chilling in the bathroom, taking their sweet time drying. I can't wait to finally try twisting them into a real skein. ha ha. It's about darn time!

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KnittingHawkeye said...

Try putting a fan on them, helps em dry faster. I have 4 skeins of superwash sock yarn chilling my my apartment waiting for me to come back & dye em. I'll get 2 skeins with 487 yards each out of eac skein. Sweet eh? Your colours look great! Very vibrant. How long did you soak em for? <3 I'll be in Chicago today with my family. sweeettt!!!