Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Dells & 2 New FO's


Last night, I just got back from a wonderful vacation at the Dells! We lodged at the Kalahari Resort from Monday to Wednesday. Everyone had a blast! There is an outdoor waterpark by our rooms, and an indoor one jam-packed with dozens of water rides, hottubes, mini pools (for the kids), and a lazy river for slow tubing. Ahhhhh. Everything was in an African theme, so It almost looked like we were in Hawaii, because they also had fake palm trees surrounding the premises.

The outdoor water park:

The indoor water park:

Unfortunately, I decided that I would never surf for real, and so a "padded" surf machine would sufice for me do something "out there." I stood on the surf board for about 2 seconds, before I fell head first on what felt like "metal," not "padding." The hight powered jets contorted me all over the place, and pushed me up the hill on what felt like metal draining vents... still pushing me all around so I couldn't get up. My migraine dwindled, but later that night, my right side of my neck started hurting. The next day, the swelling and pain spreaded to the front of my neck too.

Nevertheless, I've been putting up with the whiplash pain, and have been knitting.

And the first sock is now officially done.
I love them soo much! The fakie fair-isle pattern worked perfectly on size 1's. However, They are a little snug. I'll try size 2's next time, and hope that the pattern still looks as cool!
I call them "Arctic" socks. Don't they look fridgid?

And I finished my "(Cover Your) Beach Bum" Skirt I just designed:

It's still blocking. I'll have real pictures soon.
I never did get to wear them at the Dells. Oh well. I'll use it to go tanning outside, or whatever.

And What was most fun on the last day (Wednesday) was going to the knitter's "candy store," Wool Warp & Wheel in Illinois, on our way home. They are known for the fiber arts, selling fiber, lots of spinning wheels and of course, some yarn. Quite the cute shop!! The owners are a husband-wife team, and were extremely nice and helpful. They guided me through what to look for in wheels and drop-spindles, and books they had on the arts. Sorry about the dark pictures.

I bought myself my first drop-spindle, and the "beginners fiber choice," some pre-cut fiber for easy drafting. I still have to dye the fiber before I jump into it. Well, ok, I still have to read that book about the "art of spinning." I can't wait!! I just love the African look to the spindle. A touch of exoticism, huh?

Of course, I bought some Opal sock yarn in my school color ("Hawkeyes") when I saw the sock yarn. Ok, I splurged... I got another one too!


KnittingHawkeye said...

Oooooooo do I sense someone is starting to get sock yarn fever???? It's addicting isn't it? The socks come out thin enough to wear with most shoes =)
Wait till you use hand-dyed yarn that thin, you will simply die. hehehehe I'm glad you finally used some, it's worth the money, seriously. They last a long time and look great. Now you can try some awesome patterns with it, unlike the worsted weight. =) Btw, sorry for waking you up this morning =/ =P

Unknown said...

I just love that beach cover up! I can't wait to see it in action. Hopefully you will have a tutorial/pattern soon:).