Friday, February 20, 2015

Star-Edged Socks (KUAS Original Pattern)

Drum roll please, the "Star-Edged Socks" pattern is finally available for purchase! It is an easy to follow pattern, complete with a visual tutorial on the last page that you can choose to print (or not to save ink) if you wish.

I am excited to share this pattern with you, because I know you will love utilizing the "afterthought heel," as well as decreasing both toes and heels in  star-shape...because it's trippy! This pattern works well in any type of yarn colorway, but I think it actually might work best with a variegated or striped sock yarn.
Picture this: working the leg of the sock in stockinette or in a nice cabled pattern and barely missing a beat when the heel instructions come around.

If you haven't seen my Complete Afterthought Heel Tutorial, check THIS out!  Here's a little quote from the online tutorial:

"Step 4: Upon the following round, you will knit over the waste yarn and will forget all about the heel until after the completion of the sock, so continue on with your merry knitting way, doing whatever you need to do until you have decreased the toes and grafted the remaining toe stitches together. Try to snicker a little bit like you "went around the system" and are doing something scandalous. It's more fun."

The tutorial has an example of the heel decreases, but it is not the same as this pattern.

 Pattern: Star-Edged Socks by Anna Maliszewski
: Fingering
: 8 stitches and 12 rows = 1 inch
: US 2 - 2.75 mm
: 385 - 400 yards (352 - 366 m)
: Narrow, Regular, Wide 
 I have written up instructions for three sizes: narrow, standard and wide foot. There's even a chart of guided foot lengths for each shoe size, because I cringe every time I see the instruction "knit to desired length" in sock patterns. Gee, you're so helpful!  ;)

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