Tuesday, February 18, 2014

KUAS Tutorial: Knitting without cable needles

Here I will demonstrate how to do the 2-st RPC(tbl) cable* and 2-st LPC(tbl) cable using a stitch marker with a slit in it, instead of using a cable needle because it is faster and easier.
         *TBL= knit through the back of the loop

Tools needed: a stitch marker with a slip in it, plus your knitting work.

Row 7 example: P1, RPC (tbl)-2x, LPC (tbl)-2x, p1

Project demonstrated on:
Frozen River Slouch by Anna Maliszewski (KUAS Designs).

My computer is slug-slow right now from making these podcasts and tutorials today. I have a podcast from today all but compiled into one video, but it is darn late...it will have to wait! Come back tomorrow!

A Bientot!
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