Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring has sprung...

...and so have many of our projects! It feels like forever since I've posted, and this is why (yes, it's more like a book than an update, lol):

We are busy finishing the fence in the backyard because at the retaining wall in the back it's really like a mini cliff leading to the lake (they call it a lake, I call it a large stream). We are also building their "Little Tikes Endless Adventures Lookout Swingset" that we just bought them, and we have to re-mulch, plant a couple of Sunset Maples that are waiting patiently in the backyard, and hopefully get to the stone pathway on the side of the house that leads to the fence's gate.

I've been busy putting out fires with my toddler's dangerous endeavors, like standing on the windowsill next to the couch, or standing at the edge of the couch, climbing over gates that lead to no-good, picking up my children off of the kitchen table, etc. All that good monkey climbing stuff. They've been really clingy for a month or two (to the point were both of them are at my leg crabbing), and Jacob has been waking up 4 times a night. I think it's separation anxiety, but it doesn't seem to be getting better. I "dream" about "sleep."

Unfortunately, I put my baby cardigan on hold when it got so nice, even though I only had one arm left to do. I figured that it might not even get used, so I'll make my cousin's baby some cute loafer booties instead and save the cardi for another baby. I also casted on for my MIL's "tree pose" yoga bag that was supposed to be for her birthday, but I casted on soo late that I stopped. I plan on frogging and reknitting it since her birthday was Saturday and I was dissatisfied with the crocheted bottom that resembles something inappropriate. I'll just give it to her for Mother's Day.

I do have pictures of the dino curtains that I sewed my boys about a month ago...and I finished within a weekend because I was a sewing-fiend. I've been trying to spruce of Jacob's depressing room...



I'm happy with the results. I mean, I don't sew and somehow the curtains turned out identical (the same length, the ribbon matching in the same area, etc). Winner. The color is more true to the first photo, even though it's a dark one. Oh, and there are two windows, so that's four panels that I had to sew up.

I finished a few books: It Takes a Witch, Firelight (romance novel) and Hunger Games (that my husband and I are going to read. We figured that since twin parenting takes a toll on a marriage, we needed to do something in common to connect again more...something besides watching tv series or laying on the couch like a veggie...and that's were the book came in. I finished it in 3 days. It was good! I hate the children-forced-to-kill-other-children premise of it, but it was a quick, interesting read. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the theaters.

I recently went back the the podiatrist because my non-union fracture from 3 years ago (yes, 3!) has never completely healed. Back then, I was given a foot-growth stimulator and a boot and after a few months the bone fused a little, and somehow the doctor was satisfied and said that the scar tissue might give me a little trouble but I wouldn't need physical therapy, or surgery and sent me on my merry way... Well, the pain has never gone away completely. It flares up when the foot is bent a certain way, and it is about a bad as when I first went there. With this current xray another doctor told me that it will never heal without surgery and that he would need to take out the bone fracture and pin the tendon onto the main bone of my foot if I wanted to get back to normal. *le sigh* Toddlers and food surgery do not mix! I'll probably hold out until the middle or end of summer when my husband has earned enough time off and I am guaranteed more help from family...It all really stinks since after what felt like a long Winter of cabin fever, and with Spring having sprouted, I've been thinking of nothing but enjoying it outside. Walking. Getting back into shape. Anyone have magic healing dust?

I'll leave you guys with a couple nice photos of spring from my phone camera while going out on a walk:
spring. forgot how nice you could be. not! are you kidding me???? i had cabin fever all winter long! hee hee.


gotta love morning stroller rides that act as a sedative
Ah, "stroller sedatives" it.


megan said...

Wow, the curtains look fabulous! I wish I could sew like this!

Sorry to hear about your foot - surgery is never fun! :(


Karen Sue said...

sorry about your foot. sometimes the less broken things are the ones that keep flaring up. Your project list makes me tired. I will be making a big list. I'm on a count down, then projects by the oodles. Need list. Nice curtains. I had a dino lover here and painted/stenciled a dino border in their room. Also dino blankets. miss those days. ready to graduate college now.
Have a great weekend!

Squirrel said...

Sorry to hear about your foot, hope your able to get it sorted sooner than the summer. I remember having a hairline fracture in my ankle a few years back. I'm still bothered with flare ups now and again, especially when it's cold or if I twist it the wrong way.
On a happier note your dinosaur curtains are truly stunning :)