Thursday, April 19, 2012

Something exciting coming your way!

Hey guys,
I've received dozens and dozens of emails since the birth of a particular free pattern, the "Dummy Clap Shawl," to explain or do multiple things for them: take out all crochet, include directions to make the dropped stitch gap smaller, teach them how to drop or do the bind off, make it PDF'ed, etc.

I've was pretty adamant about keeping the crochet since it's just a simple chain or single crochet stitch for the edging and that's how mine was done...but now I have decided to tinker with an idea that I had that would eliminate any necessary crochet in the pattern and make it 100% I've found out a lot of people would really, REALLY prefer.

So here is what I am going to do, which is even BETTER (lol)...I'm going to rewrite the pattern, include two versions of drop stitches, pdf-it and more excitingly, MAKE A VIDEO TUTORIAL to go over how to knit this shawl from start to finish.

---The pattern & video should be uploaded sometime this weekend, so stop by soon if this is what you've been waiting for! :)


deebriese said...

OOO How exciting. I must admit I have admired this shawl since you first designed it. I cannot wait I just love this shawl..I might not be ablet to sleep till then!

Florence said...

Very pretty!

OpalStitches said...

Exciting! I've been wanting to knit this but never seem to have the time.

Yarn-Madness said...

This looks absolutely gorgeous! :D Might be something for the new yarn I got for my birthday!