Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Always something brewing...

knitting and composing

I've been working on the "1 year old" baby socks for my boys on and off, but have recently casting on for a baby cardigan for my cousin's newborn baby maybe 4 days ago. Meanwhile, I've started getting into composing piano music (my first one's a short and fairly classical piece from two Sunday's ago and the second is a vocal/piano one from the last couple of days because I could picture the voice and lyrics in my mind, unlike the first one).

Surprise, surprise...the knitting is being put on hold until I can type up the official copy on my music writing software (if you're musically inclined and haven't heard of it, it's called Musescore, and it's completely FREE and very similar to the 300 hundred dollar programs like Sibelius. It just doesn't turn the song into a audio-file...that I know of...and you have to input the notes by hand). It's really exciting seeing it work together and typing it up "all legible" on the computer, but I have to say that it's more time consuming than actually handwriting and thinking of the darn thing into entirety. All I have left to do now is the right hand part (the treble clef). I've studied for 11 years with a concert pianist (and I'm a singer), but aside from teaching piano and participating in choir...I'm kind of a "closet pianist," so it's kind of shocking to most people that I'm starting to get into composing. I've never really ventured there because I didn't believe that I could really formulate anything worth anything except for the main melody..but I guess I was wrong. When I turn that part of my brain on, I do get little snippets of a new melody (like in the shower). I think I should have ventured into composing earlier...and I can't help thinking whether or not I was meant to do this right now, or if I've missed out on years of amateur composing experience.

Photo of the snowstorm we had in the midwest a few days ago. We have massive, wet snowflakes that coated everything. Several large branches from our neighbor's large trees snapped and are hanging over into our yard...there was that build-up. Between the windstorm and this, these mature oaks are really taking a beating.

The reality is that I'm into too many things. I've always been creative. I was THAT student who did their "leaf project" in middle school with construction paper, glitter glue, special-edge scissors, "blow pens" (remember those??), and put it into a nice, plastic sheet protectors in a binder. My closet is still filled with several bins of craft supplies unrelated to knitting. It's a blessing and a downfall. There is not enough time, but too many ideas. It stinks, but at least I'm getting smart enough now to have a little pocketbook to write them down because for me, if the idea is not written down fast enough, "out with the old and in with the new."

Oh, and I recently finished "Hooked on Murder," the first book in the crochet murder mystery series. I have to say, it wasn't completely horrible...it had its moments, but the author is definitely going all prejudice with "knitters think that crocheter's craft is work from the dark side." I know that people joke around with the whole "crocheting" and "dark side" and such, but this author really seems convinced that a lot of crocheters and knitting will not craft together because they are so prejudices...which knitters are in the blame for. I think that's kind of silly. There's probably some people like it, but she almost seemed to hint that it's more than sparse in example, and knitters put up this whole "righteous" act. *sigh* and another *sigh*

Well, hopefully within a couple of days I can show you the finished product of both WIP's. I have to finish the cardi soon or it will be outgrown. lol. My boys are playing with the little keyboard I found in my possession...and they turned on the non-stop chord harmony button and it's getting too repetitive!


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Thomas Bonte said...

You can always save your sheet music to .wav, .flacc or .ogg and from there, convert it to mp3 or any other file format using audacity. Good luck with using MuseScore!

Thomas Bonte said...
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Frances said...

"into too many things" is just something the jealous boring ones say. Explore all your creative outlets! Some will stick, some will pass away. If you'd like to have someone with musical training look over your vocal piece, I'd be happy to.

Jane said...

I love your blog, so refreshing and different from what I read every day. Thank you ;-)

knittingdragonflies said...

Kudos on the software! I'm in awe! The snow looks pretty, we only had a dusting here, I missed it.