Friday, October 01, 2010

FO: Little Ribbed Baby Jacket

little ribbed baby jacket
Well, the little ribbed jacket is finished. Like always, I was waiting on having to buy matching buttons. I have a little box filled with buttons of all sorts, but I always somehow manage to make projects that don't exactly match them.
little ribbed baby jacket
I think the boys will look dashing in this. I used one of their PJ's as a template for size. This model will fit 0-3 months.

The collar turned out OK, but I'm not too thrilled with it. I think it will look better if the top-most button weren't buttoned.

If you notice, the sleeves rib pattern has been changed up from the body of the sweater for some visual appeal. I didn't want the whole sweater to simply just have predictable ridges.

I love the look of seed-stitch, but by this's driving me batty having to go back and forth like that (for some reason it creates tension instead of relaxing me) and the next sweater will have garter stitch as a border, and I'm contemplating making a different sweater altogether for the second boy. (They are going to share these sweaters. I'm not making one specifically for one kid.) I'm thinking something more under the lines of the triangle pattern that I used for "Joe's Office Socks."
Litte ribbed baby jacket

Pattern: "Little Ribbed Baby Jacket" by KUAS
Yarn: 1.3 skeins of Plymouth Yarn Galway Highland Heather in teal. Worsted weight wool.
Needles: size US9
Construction: mostly sideways
Start and completed: September 27th-29th, 2010
Made for: Jake & Sam (my expected baby boys)

Litte ribbed baby jacket
Getting a good dose of Fall? I've been making pumpkin pie, I went apple picking a couple of weeks ago with my mom and grandpa, picked out pumpkins for the front of our house, I've been making apple cider and have sugar cookie dough ready to be rolled out and cut into little leaf and acorn shapes. Leaves are falling all over our yard, it's colder....I'm in heaven. Mother Nature, can you please let this last all October long??


Sarah said...

That is adorable! I love the color and the buttons.

Erica said...

How I wish I knew how to knit before my eldest was born -- I missed out on swadling him in handknits as soon as he arrived. I'm glad to see that your two arrivals will be able to get nice and comfy in an array of items made by their Momma in loving anticipation of their grand entrance :)