Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby pride & Fall 2010

baby bears hat

Well, I know I said in the last post that I wouldn't blog about the hat until the second one is done, but I guess I lied and you're going to see it since I'm about 3 inches away from being done with the second. I'll post again about the two hats, and little matching mittens in the next post. But anyways, here is the first baby Bears earflap cap for Jake/Sam. I have no idea what month this cap corresponds to, but it might be 0-6 or just 3-6 depending on the size of their heads. The cap is pretty stretchy though.

I was looking through Ravelry to find inspiration on Bears hats, and didn't find I had to go google some images on how to better place the colors. It seemed that orange looked good at the base, and then to stripe the white and blue and of course finish off with blue. I added the pom-pom and braided cord for more visual interest, and the hat would not be complete without that blue crochet edging. I'm sure the hat will look better on a human than a lumpy monkey's head, but we'll have to wait for some more pics after they are born.

I hope you like photos, because this post is jam-packed with them because we are very much ripe into Fall and it just seems fitting to place them all in this post.

baby room

Here is the finished babies' room. There is nothing left to do but hang up two animal wall peices. Even their sheets and onesies are washed with baby detergent. We were very fortunate to have the grandparents purchase the major furniture for the little babes. The bedding is from their "great grandpa" and the mobiles are from others at my baby shower on Sunday.

baby room

baby room

baby room

Almost every person at my two showers (work & family) gave the babies clothing. I have almost two of everything because when you hear twins people people think more "identical" then "fraternal" I was really grateful to come across the gifts with similar, but different looking pjs or onesies. I have them organized from newborn to 24 months, and although it looks like they possibly can't go through all of their clothing from the look of their closet, I heard a rumor that babies go through clothing like water throughout the day. And don't worry...we also received lots and lots of diapers. My mom organized a "raffle" for diapers, telling all of the guests that for every 10 diapers they bring to the shower they get their name in the bowl for a prize. We ended up getting dozens of boxes that for twins should last, oh, a few months! Usually you don't think of diapers as an exciting gift at a shower for singletons, but for us...every time we opened up a box, a little more weight fell off my shoulders.

house fall 2010

Here is our house in the fall. It looked so pretty when the leaves fell fresh from the tree last week. The colors aren't so vibrant now that they have dried up, so I'm glad we got some shots while they were so orange and yellow.

house fall 2010

fall 2010
A shot of the neighborhood too.

fall 2010


Bobbi said...

Your house is so beautiful! I can picture the boys playing football with dad on the front lawn. Babies do go through clothes fast - they're awfully messy for being so tiny. Have you looked at Hometown by Lion Brand for yarn? It's supposed to be sports team colors.

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Thanks! No, I haven't seen the Hometown brand...I guess I have to look. Their next ones would probably be Hawkeye colors and then Cubs colors.

knittingdragonflies said...

the hat is so cute!
All of the photos of your house and the "closet" Wow, that is great!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful! I was just wondering when your babies are due?!?!

I'm really excited for you!