Saturday, January 12, 2008

To those who read.

If you're here for just pictures. Sorry. I've just got some ramblings, sore fingers and very tired eyes. I'd be lucky if anything you read is semi-coherent.

If you missed the owlies, they're back! I just made three more! Plus, a new kind of pendant. I only have 4 more owls left after these...because I bought out all of the pendants while I still had a chance. Maybe I'll save them for later this year? Who knows.

I also present to you my awesome idea called "sock memory tabs." Take a look-see on Etsy. Unfortunately, I only have three out, and a whole stack of paper left to cut. (eugh!) It doesn't look like it, but I labored for several hours already one these babies. But...they are worth it. I wrote a whole shibang for you in the description of the item.

I just bought a cheap book on making (the normal way) jewelry at the Borders outlet in our mall. (Our mall is notorious for sailors and outlets...and disgusting bathrooms.) I'm quite excited though. I'm also thinking about making cards! God save me. I'll be broke, and begging for more hours in the day. Wait... don't I already do that?

The "Castle Corridors" socks are going slow, but...., well, actually....there's no "but." They're just going slow. That's partly because I'm too tired to work on them, and just want to read. I do have to finish them before I leave for school next weekend... so "ready or not, here I knit." I'm not about to bring my prom dress and other such props to Iowa. No thanks. I'll just bite the bullet this weekend and get a move-on.

Can anyone enlighten me why sometimes, the only motivation to finally exercise is not from watching in horror that you grow size by size each year in pants...but knowing that you're a "bride"...and that's what brides do. I can't be a fat bride. It's not like Joe cares (out loud) how big I am. I just don't want to walk in the shop one day, and have the lady do that "oh... are you planning on losing a 'few' pounds by that date of yours, or should we plan on getting you one of these in a size up. Just in case?" I'm not one to weight myself regularly(I probably should), or obsess over how many exact calories I just consumed (once again, I probably should)...but I might just have to do everything against my nature to loose the freshman 15, the high school 5, and the 10 hideous pounds I gained since I totally fell out of exercising. Dang.
But the good news is... I just bought new exercising clothes (important! non-flattering clothes that accentuate a bubble butt=no motivation), and I just got back in the groove today. I'm about to turn this sick-cycle around.
I have to.


CassieMarie said...

Your pendants are so great. Don't you just feel like once you start getting into crafting, there is no end! About the losing weight for your wedding, don't put too much pressure on yourself! Weddings are hard enough already! :)

KnittingHawkeye said...

Anna you're not fat so SHUT UP or I will come over to Currier and smack you flat across the face!!! Anyways, how are the plans coming? Have you finished either sock? and how were you holidays? And the patterns you can sell after June when the club is over, kk? <3

KnittingHawkeye said...

oooo Steve was good in many ways. =P He's a sweetheart, you'd thinl he's a geek, like me hahaha. No I really really love him. He was a dream to be around, seriously, we just compliment eachother soo much. Kind of funny. I had so much fun hanging out and doing other stuff like watching movies, cuddling. . .*cough* etc. He's really a sweetheart, you may even get along with him =P
I made him a roast for christmas and cookies, etc and he totally understands the mass amount of yarn in the apartment and Mac LOVES him. So yeah, life is good. We're using the lace heart pattern for the Feb. sock club with bamboo yarn. That was the deal i guess. it'll be a semi-solid for Feb.

KnittingHawkeye said...

the yarn is dyed already and waiting =P