Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Restocking some fibers

Shiver. Me. Timberrrrrrrs!
Wow! It's barely 5 degrees here, without the wind!
I just got back from class right now, barely making it home in the frosty storm. The sky is white, the snow like sand particles whipping across the pavement and spiraling up into the sky like a sand storm...
It. Is. Cold. With the wind, it's probably negative 10 or 15...or even negative 20.
My face is lobster red. My fingers finally thawing. I doubled up almost every layer...yet my body was still going numb. My new knit hat almost flew off my head along the way. That would have sucked. Big time.

But, anyways, her 'be some new fibers:
A Valentine's Day feature: "Sweet Hearts"
(Silk blend fingering weight yarn)

[2 in stock]

(Silk blend fingering weight yarn)

[2 in stock]

My absolute favorite...and I might snatch it first..." Japanese Blossoms" (almost named "courier")

(merino laceweight yarn)

[1 in stock]SOLD

Spring feature: "Spring Tulips"
(Silk blend fingering weight yarn)

[1 in stock]

A many thanks to those who sympathized with me about my lost phone. My mother and I share the same plan (and same looking phone), so she went to verizon in IL and turned off my phone. But, I will be using hers, with my same old number, while she enjoys her new free phone (with a rebate). She made a point to brag about it. It was a "blessing in disguise" she exclaimed.

Time to cram food & knowledge into my head before my 11:30 class. Adios.


Awesome Mom said...

You have such beautiful yarn. Looking at it makes me want to go out and knit some more socks, but then I look at my tiny DPNs and run away screaming.

Happily Knit said...

I totally hear you on the weather front! what is going on with it lately? I could feel my hair freezing when I was walking back from class! Your yarn is beautiful! :)

KnittingHawkeye said...

It's Cascade Tweed 220
like I said in my post. . .
it's wool

CassieMarie said...

I do wonder when it is going to get warmer again though! This winter tried to trick us in the beginning by being so mild, and then WHAM! Cold!!!