Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A FO and a doggie.

Well, I finished the socks yesterday. Although the socks look normal on my new sockblockers (which by the way I love-love-love!), I was really doubting that these socks would fit my FMIL. Joe said 7-7.5, and I was thinking more like 8. However, I did knit about a 7ish, because I was part lazy, part stupid, and mostly ignorant when it came to measuring the sock before decreasing the toes. I was hoping that It would turn out mostly 7.5, just in case she did have larger feet. Thankfully, Joe was *right*. I'll admit it.
I was really hoping to get an action shot of her opening her gift. She really loved it, but it all happend so fast, I felt too awkward to ask her if I could take a picture by the time she put it away in the box. She's not the blogging type (and probably has never heard of a knitting blog), and for times-sake, I just left it at that and let her move on to the other things she was doing. I'm such a chicken. But, I have some cuter pics for you all today:
Meet Spetzee. She's Joe's "little" doggie. I felt it was time that I actually took some pictures of her before she got any sicker. She seems quite camera shy, and these are about the only decent pictures of her. I've learned over the years that she loves to bug you at the dinner table, because she knows that you'll feel sorry for her and give her something yummy; she loves to steal your shoes because you'll come chasing after her. She'll even take out the insoles to piss you off even more. She knows the shoe isn't useful without it; She loves to snuggle under bedding; She barks everytime you leave the house...and her worst enemies are SQUIRRELS!
The left squirrel died a most painful death. It was bitten carefully and thoroughly over the course of one year, than had his stuffing ripped out, a limb detached, and finally his heart (squeeker) removed. Only after she could feel the heart in her mouth did she consider the squirrel finally "dead." But alas, what use is spetzee-kill? I went out and bought her another one! Take that, doggie!
Does she remind you of some sort of Egyptian monument? This one cracks me up.
On another note,
I have been quite busy this whole night, dyeing up 9 skeins of yarn! You can only imagine what my bathroom looks like right now. I have a few themes going right now. I'm still debating whether or not I want to dye up 2 or 3 skeins of each kind of colorway for the rest of the yarn.


LotusKnits said...

Socks look great! Dog is cuter though...but nothing beats a dog.

Dragonquillca said...

Spetzee is adorable! Why was she sick though? I love the socks!LOVELOVELOVELOVE em! Were they warmly received? Seriously, they look great.