Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Christmas Knit-Along & My To-Do List

Are you knitting for Christmas? Wanna be part of the knitting elf crew??
Ladies & gentleman, fire up your needles. There's a whole 'lot of holiday knitting to do!

Hey everyone! My list isn't complete, but here's what's on the list right now:

1. Fionce- I CAN'T SAY HERE, he'll see. But I need to finish something from a long time ago that you all saw, and maybe add another knitted gift. It depends on how good he is to me... lol. j/k.
2. Grandma- knit something with a specific flower on it (that she saw in the book "Knitting over the Edge")--maybe on white socks.
3. Grandpa- Knit Henry.
4. Find something to knit for my mom & maybe dad (he's not too interested, besides wanting a "truck cover"--yeah right). Maybe i'll find a lot of black Red Heart yarn & size 50 needles and knit the dang thing. It will be table talk for months.
5. Maybe knit my uncles a scarf. They've been asked for one for a couple of years. I'll say that the uncles get the knitted stuff this year, and the Aunts will get something next year.
6. Knit my FMIL a pair of socks, or a new yoga bag with a "tree pose" cable.


KnittingHawkeye said...

Alicia's socks have been put on hold, they have been for at least 4 days now. I'm working on the swap socks, but not showing them because they're a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Henry is on my to do list too!

Ilix said...

Sounds like you have a bit of knitting to do there hon!
I started on my knit scarves for all those people who don't really want me to make something for them...... but too bad they will get something lovely and hand made. I think I have to make 20...... I should double check! LOL
Can't wait to see your progress! I'll post my own in a bit.